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« on: July 15, 2004, 01:21:34 PM »
 I have mentioned before on the forum site about Autoway car hire, but certian
events during our holiday went FAR above our expectations.
Our first 2 days of the holiday are what we call our "chillout days" when we do not do anything but sit and relax, on the 3rd day we decided to have a run into Rethymnon, and on the way out we stoped at the first garage going out of Pakias to get some air in my wheelchiar tyres, after Zell lifted out the wheelchair the man very kindly took it off her and put some air in, Zell then lifted it to put it back in the boot only to hear the loudest bang you've ever heard form the tyre busting, a litte 2 week old kitten on the forecourt did the fastest 40 yd dash ever and 3 guys in a pickup truck waiting for petrol dived down behind the dashboard thinking somone was firing a gun, I asked if anyone knew where I could get a new tube only to be told Rethymnon, (now I defy anyone out there to tell me where to get an inner tube for a wheelchair in Rethymnon) So what do we do? we go to see our friend Janis at Autoway, no problem he said and did no more than take the wheel returning less than 15mins later mended.
Now if that was not enough 5 days later Zell broke a tooth, what do we do? go and see Janis who rang his dentist, got her in straight away, his brother took her there and Janis gave me coffee whilst I waited, his brother waited in the car for her for 2hrs before bringing her back all safe and sound, (the dentist by the way was wonderful, having had to not only do the repair but also after x-ray noticing a problem with the root and removed the nerve, the sugery and sevice putting the NHS to shame)
I rang Janis the night before we left to say goodby only for him to say, call in at Rethymnon on the way and he would get somone to drive us to the airport instead of me driving.
What can I say? WELL BEYOND the call of duty, twice the holiday could have been a disaster but for Janis at AUTOWAY