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greatings to
« on: June 04, 2004, 09:40:09 PM »
This is an appeal to anyone staying or living in Plakias:

please give our greatings to a Belgian couple probably staying at Medousa from Koekelare in Belgium.

We normally stay in Plakias in May or /and September.

Last visit in September and beginning of October 2004.

Our last night together (with 4) was in the new "nightclub" in Plakias...

Hope you are in Plakias and are enjoying the sun (in Belgium the weather is very grey at the moment).

Normally we would have been in Plakias but for all kinds of reasons we can only be there in July.

We hope all is well and that we perhaps can still see eachother again if not in July, perhaps in September.

All the best to you both and wishing you a very good holiday.

To anyone reading this message and communicating the message thanks very much.

O Loukas will certainly treat you to a beer or if female, a lovely cocktail or glass of wine....(p.s o loukas did not write this but his wife)