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cyano hotel
« on: June 26, 2019, 06:32:41 PM »
discovered cyano on the web and reserved 8 nights
may23 to 31st ,  were delighted
terrific room ,modern and extremely clean and well managed
angela and her crew terrific, lovely breakfast included and location suited us
we walked most places only took cabs twice , one up to myrhtios for dinner and to see sephi at his nature shop
he was on the boat 2001 when we spread some of my brothers ashes in souda bay July 25th
nice to see sephi looking well , and catch up on our lives
the other taxi was on our last night we went to the memorial stone at souda mare
we were joined by a family from Liverpool wo were at cyano
then a nice last night dinner at Gallini tavern
where we had visited earlier in week to give condolences to the family of my mate manolis
he also was on the boat in 2001 , I had many raki nights with him
so cyano is booked for july 2020