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Olympic Holidays email - cash withdrawal system
« on: July 09, 2015, 01:46:29 PM »
Just received below email from Olympic Holidays

Dear Guest

We’re sure that you’re looking forward to your holiday to Greece and quite right too! We’re absolutely certain that it will be as enjoyable as ever, despite any current news in the UK media about the financial situation of the country.

Banks might be closed in the main towns but please be advised that cash machines will continue to function in the usual manner in the resorts, so you will still be able to withdraw money by using UK payment cards.
We do advise you to take out a bit more cash than you would normally, but don’t forget to use your hotel or apartment safety deposit box facilities, as you would anywhere in the world.

Olympic Holidays have gone even further by setting up a system whereby you can draw cash against your credit or debit card via our local resort staff at absolutely no cost to you. This will apply throughout our 34 Greek Islands and on the mainland.

The great news is that the Pound Sterling exchange rate against the Euro means that you can now receive even more Euros for your money and that it is even greater value!
All of our teams of representatives are looking forward to meeting you very soon.