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Patrick Leigh Fermor
« on: November 27, 2014, 09:48:32 AM »
Dolores Payas was talking on the BBC radio 4 Midweek programme yesterday about her time with Patrick Leigh Fermor during his final years. Her book “Drink Time”

A few quotes from reviewers whilst I await my copy.
“Dolores Payás has written a delightful and moving account of colourful adventurer, Patrick Leigh Fermor, a snapshot account of his final years surrounded by his drinks, his guests, and above all, his books. This short book conveys a portrait of a man who became indomitable, proud and charming in old age, while retaining his other attributes. An original and witty study in nostalgia, mixed with personal fortitude, right up until the end”.
“I really enjoyed this memoir by Dolores Payás about her time spent with Paddy Fermor during the last two years of his life while translating some of his books into Spanish. She spent considerable time with him as a guest at his house in Kardamili, in southern Greece while they worked on points of translation and a close friendship developed. Yet it was over the dinner table and during the strict schedule of `drink time' (hence the title) that Payás gained some stunning insights into the workings of Fermor's inimitable mind, and his glorious and unique private world in Greece”.