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Plakias / End of October Weather
« on: August 17, 2003, 06:29:03 PM »
After our fab time in Plakias last month - my boyfrend and I  are planning our October holiday  what is the weather like in Crete in October?
We can't work out where will still be relatively warm by then!

Plakias / We are here
« on: July 22, 2003, 10:16:56 AM »
We arrived in Plakias the ungodly hours of saturday morning - and you are all right - its FAB!
Unbelievably windy though at the moment
Just checking email and thought I'd say HI!


Plakias / We're off )
« on: July 17, 2003, 05:44:31 PM »
We  actually go tomorrow - seems like forever since we booked it - I hope Pakias will be as good as you guys have made it sound - since discovering this message board I have just got more and  more excited about my trip
Will report back in 2 weeks

Plakias / More Questions
« on: June 16, 2003, 07:10:43 PM »
Its now only about 5 weeks until we finally visit Plakias and I have a few more questions!!

1.) Am concerned it will be very hot at night so was planning to pack a couple of electric fans - however since they are so bulky was wondering if it might be possible just to buy some there - I got my last one in Spain and it was similarly priced to over here - I am assuming there won't be a B and Q type place - but what do you think experienced Plakias goers? Should I pack them or will I be able to get them there?
(If I buy them there I will give them away at end of trip if they won't fit in luggage)

2.) Have multiple problems with food - what sort of food places are there? I am assuming typical Greek restaurants which I probably won't be able to eat in because of allergies etc - unless staff speak good English and can put up with a fussy customer LOL

3.) I have forgotten question 3 but I did have one so will return later when I remember it LOL

Thanks in advance for any help!

PlakChat / The train!!!!!
« on: May 08, 2003, 07:06:16 PM »
I was just looking on the Plakias.co.uk site and I saw the link about the train!
I am so excited - I adore these trains -  have been on hundreds of them - I am an addict. (sad too)

Has anyone been on it? They all look the same but are very different - went on one a couple of years ago that knocked things over all the time, another year was on one that got stuck under a bridge... I can't wait to go on the train

Plakias / Concerned about situation?
« on: March 22, 2003, 10:00:35 AM »
Have holiday in Plakias booked for July, was going to go and pay the rest of it at travel agent yesterday but didn't as it was suggested to me that because of the war we may not go?
Is anyone else concerned about that? (Im not aiming to start a political discussion BTW) - just not sure whether I should be concerned or not - Mum says it is pretty close to Turkey which may not be a good thing - but I can't tell from my map how close it really is.

Anyone any suggestions - just not sure whether to hold off on final payments till nearer the time???

Plakias / I have another question ...
« on: March 07, 2003, 10:55:20 PM »

I've asked about cats and dogs and insects - my next question is about ...... fish!!!

Are there many fish (in the sea)?

I love swimming and paddling but I have a bit of a "thing" about fish coming near me - can't go in if I see a fish - which I know is insane as they live in the sea and it's their home and they're more scared  of me than I am of them (allegedly) etc etc but I'm still fishphobic!
Is it a fishy sea?
(I don't mean far out - pretty close to shore!)

Is it seaweedy? (Not fond of that either!!!)
I know I am wuss of the decade  

Plakias / Newbie - couple of questions :)
« on: February 06, 2003, 05:43:08 PM »

Hi - have been reading everything with interest.
My boyfriend and I just booked a holiday to PLAKIAS for July / August and I have a couple of questions ... well actually I have LOADS but I will try to restrain myself

I am a BIG TIME animal lover and I am concerned about stray dogs and cats ... are there many in the area, wanting to know wso I can prepare myself mentally for it - and if there are ... is there an animal shelter in the area - if strays are a problem Id like to be able to maybe take some useful things over to donate to make myself hopefully not feel so bad about the animals - although I'm hoping there aren't too many  stray animals around  

Second question - sounds silly coming from an animal lover ... is it very "insecty"?
I hate big insects and those grasshopper things that you hear but never see and am allergic to bites - wondering how bad they tend to be over there.

Last one (for now)
Am staying in NIKOS STUDIOS which I am expecting will be pretty basic - would you think that it will be so warm I will want to take an electric fan over with me - I am not a fan of hot rooms at night time

Thanks for reading .... I am so looking forward to this trip,, not been anywhere like it before - generally just go to States but fancied a relaxing change!!!

Manchester, UK

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