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Plakias / Update
« on: March 17, 2019, 10:52:57 PM »
Things are slowly getting ready for the new season here, still a lot of damage by the flooding with many roads badly damaged, it has not rained here a lot for a couple of weeks but there is still a lot of water coming down the mountains and running at the side of roads showing how much water there is still seeping through the ground.

The road by Preveli bridge was badly damaged as further up the river could not take the extra flow so it formed a new river running parallel to the main one going around rather than under the bridge taking the road with it, work has stared on the repair of this so should be finished for the new season.

The beach itself was also badly damaged as the river now runs straight into the sea and not curving at the beach this new outfall was so wide it washed away a good 1/3rd of the beach so I am guessing they will have to get a machine in there somehow to try and remodel the beach, the palm trees seem largely unaffected.

The road at the entrance of the Kourtaliotiko Gorge was completely destroyed and will take at least another 6 weeks to repair so all traffic is having to use the smaller Kotsifou Gorge.
There was a significant landslide caused by the rain just outside the new harbour, this blocked the road completely, it was quickly cleared but still is a big mess with piles of soil both sided of the road.

The ATM next to the fish spar was literally blown up a few weeks ago by a failed robbery attempt causing a lot of damage to the ATM and the front and side of the Fish Spa, I guess again this will be replaced by the new season but is just boarded up at the moment.
The new development at Palegrimnos has been put back a year so no change.

A bit of building work going on but no major new developments just the odd house here and there.
Iím sure it will be all put back together before the main season starts.

Charlie is getting older now and slowing down a bit (our dog) our niece is now living with us and we have also her Pug called Bella so you might see them both playing in the sea.

Life is good here we have many good friends and enjoy every day !

Plakias / The Maltese Falcon
« on: November 15, 2018, 08:39:15 AM »
The superYacht the Maltese Falcon was moored up just outside the new harbour  the other day, its is one of the biggest and most expensive yachts ever built 88m long with 2400m2 of sail  area and 3 number  66m masts, all rigged and controlled electronically , the statistics are amazing if you google it but that's what you get for over 100 million !

Me and a few local friends when out on my boat to get a closer look, and its a long story but they asked if we could take someone back to the port which we did, and in thanks they gave us a tour of the boat and invited us on board for a meal, a once in a lifetime experience.

Plakias might be quite now but it never stops to amaze me the things that happen.

All the tourist have gone now and it's nice a quite plans have been made to build the second phase of the Plakias suites at the far end construction is due to start any day they are just sorting out the last bit of paperwork reportedly.

Have a great winter everyone.

I will post updates now and then .

Plakias / Shark
« on: August 14, 2018, 06:19:27 AM »
A 5ft blue shark was swimming around the bay and the old harbour yesterday some great pics and videos on facebook the life guard was shouting to everybody to get out of the water its was following a guy on a lilo. Very unusual for this size and type to be so close locals said its the first some of them have ever seen.


Plakias / Dirty Laundry!
« on: May 04, 2018, 07:02:01 AM »
Dirty Laundry!
For people that did not know there is a woman Desuela in Plakias that will wash and fold your holiday clothes, so that you can bring less especially if you are coming for two weeks or more or just get the washing done before you go so its less hassle when you get home, she is very good very friendly , and speaks good English and is cheap, most things are done for the next day her phone number is  30 697 5831107, just call her the day before you want anything done any she will arrange to collect the washing from you.

PlakChat / Rain and Sleet
« on: December 24, 2017, 07:09:45 AM »
Its not always sunny here, its been raining solid for about 30hrs with sleet and hails stones sometimes being blown down from the higher ground, the sun`s just come out though and its supposed to dry up for Christmas and bee about 18 deg.

Have a good Christmas every one !

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