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Plakias / Heatwave due to arrive from 16th June
« on: June 14, 2016, 02:33:31 PM »
Some good news.Get the sunscreen ready and Icecubes in the freezer.
A heatwave is expected to arrive from the 16th of June and then climb into low or mid 40's centigrade.Those without air-conditioning, sleep in the pool.


Holiday Companies / Greek Airports strike
« on: June 14, 2016, 08:22:23 AM »
The Civil Aviation authority is to strike for five days from June 20th in response to changes in pensions and pay and changes to how regional airports operate.
This is supposed to not effect Internationall airports but other Unions may join strike action
In April this year a 24hr strike at Airports was joined by Air Traffic controllers union and Airports were closed and Aircraft grounded.
Greece’s Civil Aviation Services Federation announced it would go on a 5-day strike next week, starting Monday, June 20 till Friday, June 24.

Its employees are protesting about the passing in Greek Parliament recently of the omnibus bill, which among other prior actions includes the provision for the concession of the regional airports.

The strike is expected to cause disruptions in the flights schedules.

Tornos News
Original article http://www.chaniapost.eu/2016/06/14/greek-civil-aviation-unions-to-strike-from-june-20-to-24/

Plakias / News article about projects in Plakias area.
« on: May 25, 2016, 09:02:01 AM »
Sorry for awful translation. Looks like plans for new pavement on both sides of the road from the Alianthos to the start of Souda beach road. That will make tables and chairs outside Ostraco difficult.
You can read it here , sorry for using autotranslate, did not have time to do a proper job.

Wednesday 5.25.2016  8:50
In the final stage of the approval study utilizing the tourist area of ​​Plakias

In the final stage of the approval study utilizing the tourist area of ​​Plakias   
• Mild interventions in Lefkogeia, St. John and Plakias with cultural routes, markets with aesthetic and functional upgrades areas
05/24/2016 Hope Aristeidou

In the final stretch of the proceedings for the completion of the design dossier relating to the promotion of tourism of the Municipality of St. Basil zone through a strategic plan that includes the use of the comparative advantages of the region, which is none other than the natural beauty and wildlife beauty, which "marries" with openness, visibility and promotion of traditional products.
The relevant axis NSRF has not yet "open", but the Agios Vasileios undergoing approval, to be perfectly ready and claim the money needed for the project of the new financial NSRF tool.
These substantive interventions will concern three areas in which the visitor can wander, be entertained, enjoy the view, get in touch with nature and get to know the locals, to come into contact with them, but also to know and taste the local produce.
It is an ambitious schedule, which aims to highlight the beauty of the southern regions, however mild interventions which respect the environment, and will highlight the natural and cultural wealth of the region.
In the same study commissioned by the municipality to researcher Maria Kythreotou, including the tourist area of Plakias, in order to make it more functional, for the visitors and emerged with aesthetic interventions all along the coastline from the edge of Alianthos up and the road leading to Souda.
Specifically, the study, which cost 20,000 euros, has already been completed, and after getting approval from the relevant departments will be submitted to the Managing Authority, after opening the respective axes of the new ESPA, claiming funding of 2.5 about mil. Euro for the implementation of interventions.
According to the mayor, the scheme established is eligible based on their routes as they have become known so far. In particular, John Tatarakis , speaking on "P. N." reported: " The documentation of the study is in the process of final approval. What we need for the area of Plakias is a signature-approval of the Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities. While waiting for the declaratory act of the Region of Crete for the school of Lefkogia and we are ready to throw in the application for planning permission on at flea markets we plan to do in Lefkogia school.
As regards the forest of Saint John, we already have the approval of the program contract from the Forest and await final approval by the Region of Crete. We believe that we can ensure the NSRF money to move fast on this project, which we believe is of great importance for the region, as it will give a new boost to growth in the tourist area of ​​Plakias and entrepreneurs active in this, "enlivening" while the countryside of our municipality. "

What does the study
According to the study of the Touring route to the south, the first stop will be the forest of Saint John, which are designed to be mild interference with the consent of the Forest Service, so that it can be a excursionists visitors station and the locals, who will be able to dine there in specially designed spaces with seating and stone tables where there will be water and electricity supply. Meanwhile, in Lefkogeia provided based design, operate an outdoor exhibition with roofed pavilions, where you can engage local people and visitors to the area can enjoy a tour organized now in a place to experience the traditional local products to test them and if they wish to buy.
As regards the part of Plakias, the height of Alianthos until the exit Souda, created sidewalks on both sides of the road, while two plateaus will exist that will create small squares with tree planting for guests. Next to the pier there will be specially designated areas so guests can come into contact with water and the sea.

Projects underway in the southern municipality of the county
Meanwhile, in full swing is in the area of Plakias work asphalting, within the village, which according to the mayor will have completed the next ten days. The asphalting extend from the edge of Paligremo until the end of Sellianou Plakias, which is in the heart of the tourist area. The money comes from national resources. At the same time we completed the installation public lighting at the entrance of Agia Galini and the project implemented with 185,000 euros.
Meanwhile, in the coming days we signed the contract with the contractor for the construction of the stadium five-in Asomatos total budget of 95,000 euros, while the work on the field of Sellia proceed with installing carpet, fencing and lighting. The money amounts to 155,000 euros.

Pending the auctioning of legacies projects
Meanwhile, according to the mayor of St. Basil, a month and a half will be auctioned projects designed to Selia Municipality of St. Basil the use of legacies "Koufaki" and "Papadakis". As planned, will construct a new modern cultural center at the entrance, at the old school, which will take the name of two klirodoton as a sign of gratitude for their contribution.
This is an area of ​​440 square meters, which will be utilized for the benefit of children and youth of the village and will provide a cell culture, while can host a series of cultural and not just actions. Also, money from these legacies will be the emergence of the old village tap -a historical monument Sellion- beside which lies a tree 100 years. This is a point registered in the village, which once exploited and emerged could contribute decisively to the further development of the site by increasing traffic in the area.
It is noted that the studies for the implementation of these two projects funded by the parish of Saddles, because by law it is not possible to exploit the legacies of money for studies.
Recall that these are gifts of Peter Koufaki and Stratis Papadakis . Their desire was how that would arise from the sale of the property be given to the village and exploited in the best way possible for its inhabitants.
The budget for both projects amounts to 440,000 euros. " We have already sent the ministry a declaratory act for the school, which we received from the region and we expect the Government Gazette, which I believe will soon be published and I think next month we will be ready to go to auction," he said speaking in "P. N." the C. Tatarakis
Copyright 2016   Rethymnian News

Plakias / Little chapel on Plakias to Myrthios walk destroyed
« on: May 12, 2016, 09:45:36 AM »
Sad news.
The pretty little Chapel near the old mill on the Plakias to Myrthios walk has been destroyed by a rockfall sometime around early Spring.  So hope it is rebuilt but cannot replace what has been lost.
Photographs courtesy of Mary Stevenson.

Plakias / How Plakias has changed since the 1980's. 1983-1986
« on: May 04, 2016, 12:00:17 AM »

Here we go again. Manchester flights with Germania at 8am on Tuesdays and returns at 3.35pm has once again been changed. 06.15 am with Small Planet and return moved to 1.10pm again with Small Planet.
So glad we booked a night in a hotel the night before. Have to inform car parking company and our hire car of change (yet again).

PlakChat / New Taverna in Sellia village above Plakias
« on: May 05, 2015, 06:40:29 PM »
A new place to eat has opened in Sellia village with beautiful views over Plakias. All photos courtesy of  Andi Pfau Fotografie.
The Taverna is called " Merastri" which means Venus in English has been opened by brothers and sister Ani , Georgios and Vasili.
May be worth a visit and the food is supposed to be fantastic. Will definitely be visiting as they are good friends with Elefteria of MinoIko Taverna in Plakias.

There are new rules affecting what and where sunbeds, canteens, bars, decking and tables and chairs can be placed on Greek beaches.
Will be very interested to hear how it will effect Plakias and surrounding beaches this summer.
New rules for beach bars and sun loungers - 16 April, 2015

There will be stricter rules governing what kind of structures can be placed on beaches in Greece.

Local authorities will be able to rent spaces on beaches to be used as cafes and bars for two years, as opposed to one, but the businesses that sign these deals will be more limited in the alterations they can make to the natural environment.

According to a decision agreed by the finance and interior ministries, municipalities will for the first time be able to sign up to two-year deals but will also have to increase from 20 to 30 per cent the share of the revenue earned from such deals that has to be given to the state.

The decision also introduces a number of stricter rules regarding what kind of structures can be placed on beaches. For instance, decking will be banned unless it is to make walkways for beachgoers. Also, bars and cafes will not be allowed to place tables and chairs right on the beach but only on their premises.

The government is also extending from 3 to 5 meters the distance from the sea at which sun loungers and umbrellas can be placed by businesses. The new decision also bans the use of any other structures, such as tents or pavilions, designed to provide shade. Last year, enterprises renting beach space were allowed to use structures covering up to 20 square meters.

Mobile canteens can only rent half of the space they could last year (15 square meters rather than 30) and cannot have sound systems.

From: Kathimerini

Poor Sifis the Cretan Croc is no more  :(
Sifis, the famous Cretan crocodile was found dead on Sunday, probably of cold, in the artificial lake at the dam of Potamon that was his home for at least nine months.

The last time Sifis was seen alive was on 14 February by a vet team.

"The crocodile was found dead on Sunday," regional water management official Vangelis Mamangakis told AFP.

"It will be taken to the natural history museum of Heraklion for tests," he added.

Nickhamed Sifis, the Nile crocodile had assumed nationwide notoriety after being discovered last summer at an artificial lake.

The fearsome two-metre reptile was last seen in mid-February, Mamangakis said, adding that an initial veterinary inspection had pointed to death from cold exposure.

Crete was hit with a cold snap in February, with temperatures in some areas falling close to freezing.

Crowds had flocked to the lake last summer to catch a glimpse of the animal, whose appeal only increased when it repeatedly eluded attempts to trap it.

Local officials say the beast had likely been abandoned by its owner up to two years ago.

Full story and Photographs http://en.enikos.gr/society/26375,RIP-Sifis-Famous-Cretan-croc-killed-by-Greek-winter--PHOTOS.html

PlakChat / Has the Road Train returned for 2014?
« on: March 31, 2014, 06:02:59 PM »
Hello all.
There has been a post on Tripadvisor that states the Road Train is running in Plakias.
Is this true?
Here is what is being said.
Rethymnon, Greece
 What's this? Destination Expert
for Crete
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24. Re: Bali first time.
today, 12:23
Hi again,

There is a road train during the summer in Plakias, I did ask the owner that I happen to know

This is on third page of thread about someone staying in Bali this summer. The reply is by Gerlion (Crete destination expert)

Where to go / Rodakino Beaches.
« on: February 19, 2014, 09:52:08 AM »
If you would like to explore a little further from Plakias but not too far. You may like the lovely and unspoilt beaches of Rodakino.
Korakas, Klimata and Polirizos are all lovely, with our favourite being Polirizos. Eat at the waterside taverna and rooms of Nikos and Anna. Beautiful setting against the headland. A quiet and beautiful area. Korakas has several tavernas and there were sunbeds. Polirizos and Klimata a beach mat and sunshade are needed, although at Polirizos there are some Tamarisks to provide shade.
NB. To view the first two photographs properly, right click and choose open in new tab. Images too big to be shown here and lots hidden.

Gossip / Video, see how many Places around Plakias you can spot.
« on: January 31, 2014, 12:19:24 PM »
Well I thought it was funny.

Plakias / Looking forward to these views soon.
« on: June 26, 2013, 10:10:41 AM »
Not long now, Doctors and health allowing.

Where to eat...or not! / Taverna manousos anyone eaten here recently?
« on: June 24, 2013, 09:47:57 PM »
Hello all.
I read good and not so good things about Taverna manousos, has anyone had a meal here this year?

Where to go / Mirthios/Myrthios Tavernas
« on: June 19, 2013, 10:38:56 PM »
The village of Mirthios/ Myrthios is just above Plakias and has a few shops and four Tavernas I know of. The Plateia, The Panorama, Dionyssos and Vrisi.
I have never eaten in Dionyssos so would be interested in any reviews, it is raised up above the road on the opposite side to the Plateia and Panorama, always full when we pass in the evening. The Vrisi is just below the main street in Myrthios and next to the old laundry, it can be accessed by steps in the village or a small road when entering Myrthios, you can also drive up the small steep road that passes the turning for the Youth Hostel which will take you straight to the Vrisi, the vrisi may look extremely plush but its prices are reasonable. The Plateia serves excellent traditional Cretan food and if you want to try that true Cretan dish of snails this is where to eat them.




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