Author Topic: Worrying Development  (Read 81658 times)

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Worrying Development
« Reply #180 on: July 12, 2010, 01:41:51 PM »
Quote from: travellingran
Quote from: Mike G
Quote from: travellingran
The slower the better!

Hello Heather,

Many, including me, will agree with these sentiments. I still think the large development on the way to the far end is the one to worry about as it has the potential to change the character of the place. It sounds like some folk haven't realised there is a Europe-wide recession going on.

Re. your 3 weeks, did you manage to persuade Olympic to allow you to go for an extra week or did you book independently?


Hello Mike,

I have only just noticed your posting. I do apologise for replying so late in the day.

Re; my three weeks in Plakias this year. Olympic would not book more than 2 weeks at all. The old adage that I am only a single traveller and " not worth it to the accommodation owner " was wheeled out. So this year I did indeed book independently. I booked a flight in August 2009. Easyjet (grrrrrr) but only £123 for the 3 weeks so I booked that. I had asked Rowena and Carl previously if I may rent their apartment so this is exactly what I did.

Okay - cost a bit more than a package but the benefits wholly outweighed the advantages. I had 3 sublime weeks at R and C's apartment  so it truly was worth it. No messing around with ghastly transfers or being allocated the worst room .  Not easyjet next time though. I am not fast enough on my feet to cope with the sprinting involved ! .

Wholly recommend you try it if poss., I am converted !!.

Roll on next May.

Hello Heather,

No problem about the delay in replying. I'm glad you enjoyed it- 3 week holidays are great aren't they for those with the time. Manos used to allow them (but not to Plakias obviously) but have recently been "Thomas Cooked" so are now much less customer focussed.

I'm interested in your Easyjet comments as many on this forum swear by them and when I have occasionally used them (not to Crete) thought they were fine. Why the rush to get on quickly when you are on your own? You know you won't have to stand!