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Major building work underway at far end!!

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A new beach bar under construction about 75 yards from the Palagremos beach bar, and towards the far ends so will be giving the existing bar a bit of competition !!
Looks like it will be finished and open by week end and it is directly opposite the Plakias Suites accommodation so may be something to do with that set up ?

( sorry for the sensational headline, but had to get your attention)

Colin & Sandra:
Didn't they start building one somewhere near there about 15 years ago? And pulled down again very quickly

Yes I remember that. It didn't really get built. just ended up a pile of wood. What about this one though?


Main bits came on the back of a low loader.
Today they are fitting the covered sitting area at the front.
Looks fairly permanent to me ?

Yes, this is near the existing beach bar opposite Paligremnos. It is probably built now but looks like a similar beach bar.


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