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Hello all,

I am new in this forum. My name is Alex and I'm from Austria. I don't speak English very well, sorry.

Four or five years ago I found pictures of Plakias on the homepage of a hotel. Since this time I really wanted to spend my holidays in Plakias.
Next week we finally fly to Plakias !!! And I am looking forward to it sooo much !!!

We found an appartment which meets all our requirements, the flight is booked and the transfer is arranged :-)

But there is one question left: we read that in Plakias the wind should be so strong. You can't enjoy the days on the beach.

Is this really true? I can't imagine.

May I ask you what is real? Is this the truth?

Thank you so much in advance and best regards from Austria

Yes, its true. You can have bad luck.

Yes. Regrettably the wind can be so strong that you cannot use the beach. It doesnít happen all the time and is unpredictable. However, you will enjoy all the other days very much and will forget those few days of very strong wind if you are unlucky and get them. I hope you have a fabulous time in Plakias. Thatís why so many people keep returning there every year.

Colin & Sandra:
If you read a few more previous posts you will see there is alternative beaches to the main plakias beach within easy walking distance. Just work out the wind direction and head to either souda to the west or Amanda or damoni to the east. Or alternatively get tucked into the back of roc ka beach

Thanks a lot for the quick and honest answers.
We are in Plakias for 18 days, so hopefully there will be some days with not so strong wind.
I`m sure there are some boats to rent or little ferries to discover other beaches.
Thank you very much.
I am sure we will enjoy our holidays.


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