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We have never made a stop at Kourtaliotiko Gorge, can anyone recommend it ? What's there to see ?

Saw some pictures of waterfalls, but not sure if they would still be there during summer months ?

It is well worth a stop. There's a small archway that covers a footpath (steps) down to the chapel and the more modern hydro-electric plant. The chapel is beautiful.......but there's over 200 steps back up (something I regretted due to a back injury !!). It's worth the effort though as it gives you a much better idea of how huge the gorge really is. I like to sit and bird watch...if you are really lucky (as we were last year) you might see a Lammergeier or European Vulture (long finger like feathers at the end of the wings) but there are always eagles and a range of other local birds. Just the sun on the rocks can be lovely...great for photos. Not so good if you don't like heights. Try it !

We stopped for a 'proper' look for the first time in twenty years this May. Fantastic displays by the Lammergeiers and some smaller raptors, pigeons rather sensibly sticking to the base of the gorge! My wife eventually dragged me away but I could have watched all day.

Saw a young Golden Eagle here also a couple of years ago. I have seen images of these things but the reality is so much more striking - their wings are huge!

As suggested above, well worth a look if this is your thing.

I've put it on my list for this years trip ! If you head down the steps, does anyone know how long it takes to get to the waterfalls ?

I'd say about 10 mins from memory, although we strolled down.


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