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Anyone done any serious mountain biking around Plakias before. Or some hard mountain walks near by I could try ride a bike down? If I get over this year I may bring the bike as well as the guitar. It might keep me away from the bar. There appears to be plenty I could try on google earth but just wondered if anyone had any route ideas. Don't mind the ups being on dirt roads but looking to come down narrow technical footpaths.

Been a few years since I brought the bike over but these are from last time to give you an idea of the type of routes I might be looking for.


I have dabbled a little around Plakias, using rental bikes, but frankly they are not up to serious usage, although they are reputable brands....cube, giant ect. As they say in Ireland,if you want to go somewhere, don't start from here. I have little doubt that you make some decent routes, but there are better places in hi Crete to start from. Maybe kousteyeriako or sougia or even paleohora. Also if you ride anything away from the ordinary, spares are difficult, I remember talking to a guy looking for 29er tyres, no way in Greece. I would be interested in hearing how you get on if you try.


I would be bringing my bike with me if I did. With spares. I've ridden around Anopolis and down Pachnes to Loutro. Plenty up there if you get that way. Elounda has stuff near by and Germab your company who are very good. But you need a bit of German to get best out of it

Anso travel rents Mtb's of good quality,  you can find him on facebook.

Going to bring my own bike as there for two weeks. But two people, bags, guitar, amp and big bag with a mountain bike in! Any bigger taxis in Plakias?

Looks like plenty to ride on Google Earth. Couple of fair size mountains near by and more behind. Planning from now on. Need to find a local club next


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