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Has anyone been to Agios Nikolaos on the Mani peninsula? We have already booked for next June based on what I could find out from the internet, so any thoughts from other members would be welcomed. Agios Nikolaos sounds ideal as we like quiet, very Greek places, as Plakias was once!

We have not stayed at Agios  Nikolias but we have stayed  twice in the last 3 years at Stoupa, which is about a 40 min flat walk away. (Much less if you hire a bike)
Each time we visit Stoupa, we always, and at least twice, visit Agios Nikolias for lunch by the beautiful little harbour.
It is one of out favourite places to eat in all of Greece !!
It is only a very small village so you will need to enjoy peace and quiet but as I said, the much larger
Town of Stoupa is only a short distance away
On the down side, there are no real beaches in this area so if you enjoy swimming in the sea, you will need to travel.
The Mani peninsula is well worth exploration and is like going back 50 or 60 or even more years.
But outside a few main towns, there is not very much hobitation but the scenery is spectacular

We are going back to this area next June but to another of the peninsulas and we will be staying in Finakunda
If you want to see another possible place to stay, hire a car and visit Finakunda.
We went for a day last year, loved it and when  we got home, booked a holiday there for this year

Thanks for the reply, Agios Nikolaos will be perfect for our needs. Finikounda was a close second choice, we were considering B+B at The Korakakis Beach hotel, but the prices were too steep.
A long wait until June 23rd., I wonder if Plakias is calling for a May holiday??!!

I spent a week based in Agios Nikolaus about 10 years ago. It is a beautiful village around the harbour. At the time, went with Greece Direct.

The harbour is pretty much the only focal point, tavernas around it and nearby served ok food, but never ate anything outstanding there. There was at least one 'gift shop' which reduced the charm somewhat.

On a daily basis, a little fish sale happened (I think preceded by a ringing bell). the term little can be taken in two ways, there were not many sellers and what they usually sold was pretty small - not like what can be seen at Tasomanolis for example. Despite the abundance of the famous Kalamata olives, the oils produced are nothing like the ones found in Plakias.

Despite extensive sea frontage close to the village centre, the nearest beach is between 1/2 and 1 mile along the road to the East, it is small but was then not overly busy, this may have changed of  course now. There was from memory at least one taverna next to the beach. The beach shelved fairly dramatically into the water.  The best local place for swimming was a rocky area just on the edge of the village, complete with a little church cut into the rocks, the water was well over 3 metres deep, though there were small channels in the rocks that could be paddled - beware of sea urchins there though!

Nearby places - the bigger resort of Stoupa, with larger beach, pedalos and a larger selection of eateries/drinkeries/hotels (still not a huge place), this is reachable by local bus and was I think about 10-20 minutes away. If you are up for hiring a car then further afield you will find the ancient abandoned hill town Mystras and if you take the correct route back you could make a stop off at the beautiful village of Limani with a perfect waterside taverna.

As I said it is some years since I was there, it is a beautiful part of greece and may well have experienced the same kind of expansion Plakias has seen in the intervening time.



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