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Costas Chrysoulas - across the road
« on: November 06, 2015, 01:43:19 AM »
Sadly this year we couldn't get booked up for Plakias, so instead had to settle for Hersonissos on the North coast ( I know, I know). However, we had booked into Plakias at Costa's for a couple of nights and were offered the rooms across the road - that is, if you come out of Costa's past the Apollo place (the back door) it is the apartment above the beige coloured building directly in front of you. These apartments are huge and wonderfully set out. The balcony is roughly the size of  Belgium and could comfortably seat around 25. I never knew this place existed and now have the trauma of deciding if I should ever stay in the main building again should Olympic ever get it's act together again for people from North of the border. I mean, I always thought that room 38 was a great one to get with the balcony at the back and therefore the nice quiet place to imbibe oneself with copious amounts of ouzo of an evening, but now I find myself in a quandry. Main building, or staggering violently across the road for breakfast in the morning? Come on people, I need answers here, which are the best rooms at Costa's?
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Re: Costas Chrysoulas - across the road
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2015, 10:28:16 AM »
Do you mean the Ouranos- opposite Minikos restaurant?. We were lucky enough the other year to be allocated room 902. A polite email request to C.C. for similar carried no weight however when returning this September, nor for preferred alternative rooms in C.C.'s main block as an alternative which we liked from previous visits. Got palmed off with the Coralli studios opposite C.C. main block and NO sunshine till mid afternoon. Was not a happy chappie but ..... had to make the best of a bad situation which considerably reduced the WOW factor of the holiday this time around. Best of luck on your endeavors as the Ouranos appts are fabulous. Give him his due - he was extremely busy/full this Sept/Oct but as a returning customer 5 times I was hoping for something better!! Still not got over it as you can tell!!!Bah!!! Plakias however was FAB as usual.