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Colin & Sandra:
Does anyone know how much the Samaria Gorge trip was last year?
Also whether it's best to book through Les or the local Travel Agents?
And any other useful tips or information regarding walking the Gorge.

Many thanks

If it were me I would take a few days out and go to Chania. It's great for a visit. Then get the early bus to Samaria. Do the walk and go back to Chania for another night. Or even better get off the Ferry at Loutro and spend time there. Fabulous place

Even better... Take the bus from Honda to Omalos, overnight at the Kallergi  refuge,  a fantastic place to stay, they will give you an early breakfast, and then walk the gorge before the crowds arrive. There's no hurry,  catch the ferry back  to Hora  Shakira and the next bus back to Hania. It will be cheaper than  a organised trip,  more  enjoyable,  and a little adventure. Read the fine details in Rough  Guide  to  Crete

Sorry, for Honda  read Honda.... Swift key!

Third  attempt,  for Honda  read Chania.


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