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The final organised evacuation from Crete 1943


Stuart & Hilary:
A booklet for under 5 euros commemorating the Tripiti evaluation in May 1943.
Large numbers of soldiers moved to the West of Crete in the summer of 1941 with the objective of finding a boat that would take them to North Africa.
Many schemes ended in failure and some soldiers left the area but a considerable number stayed and were taken in by Cretan families at considerable risk. A loosely connected underground community slowly formed and resulted in the Tripiti evacuation in May 1943 which was the last of the specially organised rescue operations.
The booklet lists many of the families that helped the mainly Australian and New Zealand soldiers and lists those soldiers involved.
In 2013 a plaque to commemorate the evacuation was erected  at Tripiti Cove. Tipiti can be reached by water taxi from Sougia.

This looks really interesting, can you tell me where can it be found please?

Stuart & Hilary:
Hello Richard,
We bought the booklet in Sougia in the supermarket by the beach. However in the book it says "For more information or to order copies of this booklet or the DVD of the 2013 commemoration events please contact Dr Ian Frazer <> or John Irwin <>

Many thanks, Stuart


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