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Bookings this year (2013)
« on: May 17, 2013, 08:47:00 PM »
Having missed out last year due to unforeseen circumstances, I have spent a few hours this last week trying to secure a fortnight back in Plakias in mid July for 3 people.

Always with an eye on the Olympic site, after having got two weeks a couple of years ago at Kostas C for daughter #1 and myself at a ridiculous price (c.£250 inc flights, accom & xfer), I lost my bottle and fell sweetly back in to arranging independently. At this weeks prices (for Dora studios) I beat it for daughter #1, daughter #2 and myself. I am sure the
Olympic prices will fall on a weekly basis, turning this 'win' into a 'loss' in the next few weeks, but it's the price I am glad to pay for peace of mind and standard of accommodation. Independent was certainly more expensive last year (when I missed out).

Several emails were sent enquiring of availabilty, and all received a reply. Some offering what I think were spectacular bargains, others whilst not being able to give exactly what we needed seemingly were bending over backwards to try to help. Some were more expensive having possibly misinterpreted what I asked for and offering twin apartments.

Even after thanking the owners for their replies and informing them I had found alternative accommodation, I received further emails thanking me for my negative advice and wishing us a happy holiday. Almost brings a tear to the eye; some of them we can patronise, via their tavernas (and we will), others we cannot. I think this spirit of friendlyness is what has got me hooked on the place and into returning year after year (when I can). 

I just wanted to highlight the possibilities to those caught in two minds; cost of self arranged flights and a well chosen apartment might get you something that exceeds that on offer in a more 'convenient' package, and you can make new friends. Ok, so I am missing out on the transfer, but the 3 hour+ coach ride is a two way trip to be endured in my mind.
Driving down from Chania (missing out Iraklion airport altogether;-) ) via Imbros gorge & Rodakino is almost worth the hire costs on its own.

So if a bit of blatent advertising is allowed to support our Plakias hosts:

From Georgia at
Thank you for letting me know your plans.  Perhaps we will see you when you come to the taverna.

Hello again from Plakias!
Everythink is fine for us!!
Hope you have found a nice place and wish you to have a great time in our beautiful place!!
Family Katsaragakis.

From Eleni at (located back road beyond Medusa I think?)
Thank you
Have a nice holiday.


and there are dozens more I didn't contact on, and some of you might wish to add your favourites?

Check 'em out

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Re: Bookings this year (2013)
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2013, 11:00:23 PM »
A very helpful post Ian+? I am in the process of taking your advice and emailing a number of hosts. Having had a wonderful holiday last year split between Anna Appartments and Thetis Studios I am looking for 1 week for one person from the 16th July and 1 week for three people from the 23rd July (we need 2 rooms). I am sure I will stay at Thetis again (what a wonderful garden) but look forward to any further advice you or other posters can give!
Having met Theo from Creta Spirit a couple of times last year and having had a tour of his accomodation and spectacular location between Plakias and Souda I would love to stay there too - while ideal for me it probably won't work for my son and his girlfriend - maybe a few days there for me during week one!
I concur with you that the Chania option is well worth considering - even if taking public transport. I found it a bit of an adventure last year minus the tour rep! On the way back a visit to the  Souda war graves cemetary just outside Chania is to be recommended!
Who knows we may meet up during our stay!
Look forward to seeing you Ian+? and anyone else hanging in the beach bar or costas!

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Re: Bookings this year (2013)
« Reply #2 on: May 27, 2013, 10:00:06 AM »
I strongly recommend Aphrodite. It's at the back of the village - about 150 metres up the little street opposite Thetis.
All rooms are immaculately clean, well maintained and have fridge, kettle, hairdryer, safe, TV, vaporiser, AC.
Contact via
I'll be there for the whole of July, as I always am.

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Re: Bookings this year (2013)
« Reply #3 on: May 27, 2013, 04:50:54 PM »
I stayed there too and can highly recommend it.

Fancy a Mythos?