Author Topic: Where to eat for a Ceoliac?  (Read 1274 times)

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Where to eat for a Ceoliac?
« on: February 13, 2012, 11:37:29 AM »
Here I am asking questions again.
I sound like an awkward old sod.
Unfortunately I am not in the full bloom of health and can no longer eat Gluten (Wheat, Barley, Mustard etc) because of Ceoliacs disease and the Docs have now sworn me off Dairy, so no cheese.
Too be honest it has become a real problem, no Pasta, no thick sauces as they normally use wheat as a thickener, no batter unless it has been made with corn flour. To make matters worse my other half only eats Fish and Vegetables, rice, pasta, pastry, cheese, fruit etc are fine.
Don't we sound fun :-(. I would eat nearly anything but life has turned a bit cruel of late. How I miss Pasta, Pizza, Cheese and good crusty bread.
Will get to my question now as have given you all an idea of our problems.
Has anyone got any recommendations of where to eat? No use going to a place with no fish or good Veggie dishes but I love a good Stifado. It looks like there are good places for fish dishes but it would be great to find one with good meat and good fish dishes. 
Can you help a starving Man and a Fishy Woman? Maybe I should rephrase that..but I won't :-)
Thank you for any help.
John V.
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