Author Topic: BA - here we go again ?????  (Read 8305 times)

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BA - here we go again ?????
« Reply #15 on: October 29, 2007, 03:10:38 PM »
Quote from: Chas
Quote from: John R
Quote from: Tony and Sandra Smith
A trip via Liverpool Airport is not that bad. Honest


Maybe I'm just being pessimistic but I just don't see Easyjet taking on those GB Airways Crete flights from the North. They might continue the Gatwick ones ??
We shall have to wait and see.

John R
The critical factor is the "flight slot allocation" - GBA have slots at Manchester.  They can't just switch them to Liverpool (or Gatwick).

A slot is simply a time allocation for a flight to take-off or land, where the aircraft goes to or from does not matter to the airport.   The airline can use it's slots for any flight it thinks fit ... a summer slot to Heraklion could be a winter slot to Florida.

Having paid for the GBA slots, Easyjet could sell them to another airline but they could equally keep them and kick the Liverpool restrictions into touch (restraint of trade) and fly from Manchester to anywhere but Heraklion.  I reckon that they will try for the latter option but that's just my opinion.

As you say, John, "We shall have to wait and see.".

Tony & Sandra - Liverpool Airport is OK ..... the only down is if you have to get there via Hunt's Cross (on the train)!

Since Easyjet are buying GB Airways, they can probably use the slots at Manchester without breaching the Liverpool agreement, if they operate the flights as GBA. That would give them flexibility while they decide what they want to do, long term.

As you say Chas, they can use the slots as they wish and are not bound by the current GBA schedules.