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Plakias / Naturism at Plakias
« on: June 28, 2013, 04:16:39 PM »
After a lot of umpty comments on the Sun Beds thread, I feel I should make my feelings on this topic clear. We've just returned from 2 weeks in Plakias and used the far end at Plak, the left hand corner at Shinaria and, mostly, the Plak end of Souda. We saw fat people and thin, young and old, fit and not so fit. We saw one lady who had had a mastectomy, and an English guy who was so bad on his pins that a German on the next sun bed to him had to help his wife get him back to his sunbed on about 4 occasions. We saw gay couples and straight couples. On Plak far end and the naturist end of Souda the proportion of naturists varied from about 50% to 95% but there were always some dressed (I refuse to use the term 'textile' because it's divisive and that's not what I'm about) people. Everyone got on. Nothing sexual happened, in fact the atmosphere could almost be described as 'chaste'.
The Plakias naturist beaches have to be the most relaxed, least competitive beaches I have ever been on anywhere and long may they remain so. I can't wait to return.

Plakias / Plakias far end v Souda
« on: June 26, 2013, 10:39:08 AM »
Sat here on Souda on our last day in Plakias. Home tomorrow to cold wet Lancashire! Only used Plakias far end once this time and wasn't greatly impressed for some reason. Souda however has been great. This morning the Plakias end of the beach including the sun bedsis pretty much entirely nude but some days it has been othing optional with everyone seeming very comfkrtable. Off tk the taverna for lunch soon. Not Gallini but the other one. Delfino I think. Will confirm.

Plakias / Tasomanolis
« on: June 20, 2013, 04:45:18 AM »
Woke up this morning and the wind has gone. :)
Ate at Tasomanolis last night. Food excellent and staff really nice, despite telling me off for not eating the heads of my beautifully cooked fried fresh shrimp starter! Best meal of the hols so far...... also the most expensive. Their .5litre caraffe of white wine is in my opinion the nicest wine we've had anywhere, closely followed by Kastro's home made red.
After Matala yesterday, music seems to be bubbling around in my head. The first line of this post would fit beautifully into the tune to Boston's 'More than a Feeling'. I'll try and write the rest today ::)

Where to stay / Matala
« on: June 19, 2013, 04:08:56 PM »
Went to Phaistos and Matala today. Phaistos interesting but too hot to think today. At 4 euros to get in, it's a bit of a bargain imho but some of the restoration could be a bit more sympathetic.
Matala............ weeelllllll! It's a bit of a 60's theme park, particularly now with the beach music festival next weekend, but is a lovely place. It's just such a shame that it's overrun by hundreds of versions of me (ie tourists!). Go,'cos it's lovely, but don't expect Joni Mitchell to pop out singing Carrie. No 'scratchy rock 'n roll' more reggae. The first song lyrics that sprang to mind were from The Eagles. 'You call some place paradise, kiss it goodbye'. :(

There were apparently 83 earthquakes yesterday. Obviously the drink numbed the wife and I sufficiently that we did not notice them. Other guests however reported 'swinging curtains' and 'strange vibrations'. OOer!!! Angelo at Kostas Chrysoula seems totally unimpressed!
Very windy today but Jeremy the Jimny took us to Souda this morning (beautiful) and Shinaria this afternoon (even more beautiful). For far enders: Souda is naturist at the Plakias end on the sunbeds and the sand around them (about 60/40 nude/dressed today but more like 80/20 yesterday). About 6 nude couples at Shinaria in the left hand corner of the beach when looking out to sea. 2 couples using the sunbeds at that end.
Pestilence and plague........ OK I exaggerated.

Plakias / Agia Fotini to Plakias - Beware!
« on: June 17, 2013, 08:13:36 AM »
Went exploring in Jeremy the Jimny yesterday and wound up in Agia Fotini, alovely little spot east of Plakias. We left and drove up the hill and came upon a sign post to Amoudi (3km). Turned left and the road gradually becomes a track and winds around to Prevelli. Rough but not too daunting. Leave Prevelli up the hill on another track and come to a junction. No signpost so we tossed a coin and turned right. (MISTAKE). The track went on for miles and miles and was in places extremely rough. We eventually ended up in a village with the only road (as opposed to track) out signposted Spili. Gave up and took it! Had we turned left all those miles ago we would have been happily enjoying a G&T about an hour earlier and in a considerably better frame of mind than we eventually were.
The wife has however forgiven me now.

Plakias / Gorgona
« on: June 17, 2013, 08:06:59 AM »
Ate at Gorgona last night. Good food as usual but Chris (?) still the star of the show. The consummate professional head waiter. greets you as a long lost friend and looks after you beautifully. Now joined by his daughter, who has obviously benefitted from her fathers training. Not the best food, but defo the nicest staff!

Plakias / Sifis
« on: June 16, 2013, 05:24:39 AM »
Ate at Sifis last night. GARGANTUAN portions! The wife had lamb chops - 6 of them! Wine was a bit rough but at 3euros (or 4 not sure now!) for 0.5litre who can argue! Lunch at Peligremnos was, as usual lovely. I love the place, the staff and the food's OK too. Far end of Plakias beach was totally nude (hooray!) but sunbeds were a bit close together I thought. There is now a line of stones making exit from the sea a little undignified, but the stones get less at the Plakias end of the nudist bit. Taking Jeremy the Jimny to Triopetra and Ligres today. Will report back.

Plakias / Rain
« on: June 12, 2013, 11:18:02 AM »
What the hells this!!!!!!! Just looked at the Preveli weather station site and it's forecasting rain for tomorrow! And I've hired a Jimny with removable roof!!! We were supposed to drive in blazing sunshine from Heraklion tomorrow afternoon! WOTS GOING ON!!!!!!! :(

Gossip / Road Works
« on: July 05, 2012, 03:55:46 PM »
Just a short note re road works. We drove out to Frangokastello while we were in Plakias in June and had a super day, but the road needs some care! My poor wife was a nervous wreck by the time we got back (actually, I quite enjoyed myself!).
Rodakino is dug up from one end to the other. A new bridge is being built over the gorge and the old one is now reached by a steep rough track on the east side and a steeper, rougher, windey track on the west side. The new bridge looks like it might be some time being built.
Travelling back from Frangokastello, the camber of the road means you can't actually see where the road finishes and empty space starts and as bits of the road have fallen away in places it pays not to go too fast!
Quite impressed with my trusty steed though. Never driven a Micra before and it was alright.

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