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Where to stay / Re: Costas-Chrysoula Studios - Upgrade 2012
« on: July 15, 2012, 11:24:56 AM »
We are quiet sad of being home now, the two weeks in Plakias are over but we have tried to handle the thousands and thousands of memories we got being there. As we booked a package tour with Swedish "Apollo" (belonging to Kuoni group), there was NO other choice but Kostas Chrysoula available since we DONīT enjoy having a stay with breakfast included (or the dreaded All Inclusive, yuc!!). To stay in an apartment doing all the breakfast stuff yourself during morning hours you choose yourself (no "open from 7-10"), you can relax in your own way, dress the way youīre used to (or not at all with the curtains closed). You can also get used to having to create the routine of buying what you most enjoy for breakfast, walking around in the magnificent supermarkets where nothing is missing, really! No, the girls working in those supermarkets are not the most smiling ones or interested in helping you, maybe their jobs are not the most wanted ones although they still HAVE a decent job.

Anyway, we enjoy the private life of living this way, creating routines since we normally slow down considerably in all ways. We did NOT stay in the Kostas Chrysoula main buildings, Chrysoula herself (REALLY nice and friendly woman) took us away to the side street where they share business with "Ouranos Apartments" (sign on the building wall). "We share business togehter since we are related", she said but I couldnīt get the point if that was a brother/sister, or cousin. Anyway, "Room 91" as they called it, "1" on the door though was one of the ABSOLUTELY BEST APARTMENTS WE EVER HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO STAY AT in Greece, counting 14 trips all around the country starting 1999!!!

We got a SPACY room, good enough to hold a dancing contest, fully equipped kitchen, enough soft beds to avoid back problems. A sofa big enough to host our bags, ready to be a bed if you got guests staying over night, PLUS a bed room on the side with enough wardrobe room for our clothes (again, too many) and ANOTHER BED FOR TWO. The balcony was big enough to hold a couple of soccer teams for lunch, including ourselves sitting there enjoying an afternoon beer. All this fulfilled only because I added a request of "second floor please, no  ground apartment" which was taken seriously by the hotel and the rest is history!!!

I really canīt say much about KC since all said above stand out giving us such a nice memory of the accomodation side of this holiday. I really canīt trust the pictures given in the catalogue, we want to SEE a facility to be able to comment.The fact that KC was our only choice gave us a thought how wrong the catalogue in fact was. The main number of apartments at KC are NOT self-catering, I really wonder if there are ANY AT ALL in the two main buildings??? Maybe only the 4 apartments at Ouranos Apīs are the ones available, we didnīt care to ask.

If I recommend KC to others - well.......YES but DO put demands of your stay if you choose to stay there because if you donīt youīll take the risk of having breakfast included - losing many options.


Plakias / Re: First timer to Plakias 26th June :-)
« on: June 22, 2012, 07:07:47 PM »
First-timers here also, Swedish couple in the 50īs coming in tomorrow afternoon (saturday 23rd) after morning bell rings as early as 03.40!!!

We should have no problem whatsoever getting in touch with people, looking forward a lot to the two weeks weīll be staying in Plakias and itīs surroundings.

/ SweHa

Where to eat...or not! / Re: Where to eat 2012 ?
« on: June 19, 2012, 06:10:29 PM »
Thanks all !

Yes Mike, I have a printed copy of the reviews with me. Should be no problem finding what we are looking for. But things change from season to season, what was good (or bad) in 2011 could change either way. Whatīs been said about Apanemo sounds thrilling. Also, Tasomanolis and a couple of other places will be carefully investigated.

Our journey WILL BE great !

/ SweHa

Where to eat...or not! / Where to eat 2012 ?
« on: June 17, 2012, 10:40:50 PM »
Making my first posting here, I am from Sweden.

Me and my wife will be in Plakias in less than a week, itīs going to be two lovely weeks of relaxing, good food and lots of what weīve been longing for all winter.

From what I understand, we should be careful if we choose the tavernas on the street closer to the beach, than the ones further up in the village. This will be our 15th trip to Greece, 3rd to Crete, many trips to the islands in the east, the west, Cyclades, you name them. Quiet a good view of what the Greek kitchen has to offer. We prefer starters, real local menue, no pasta, go-inside-to-watch-whatīs-cooking-instead-of-international-menue-in-five-languages.

Anyone updated where the best food in Plakias can be found in June/July?

Greetings from SweHa

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