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Plakias / Still hoping to make it this year!
« Last post by ostraco on June 29, 2020, 03:17:52 PM »
Hi everyone. Is anyone else still hoping to make it to Plakias this year. I am! Currently booked for early September. We've booked EasyJet flights, so if they are forced to cancel we can use a voucher later - next year if necessary. Personally I'm happy to go in October if I must.

I see from 'Keep Talking Greece', flights will NOT be allowed from the UK until July 15th at the the earliest,


We've booked accommodation on a 'no fee cancellation' basis, similar with car hire. Fingers firmly crossed!
Plakias / Re: October ?
« Last post by ian s on June 20, 2020, 09:09:13 PM »
Obviously itís for all the wrong reasons but must admit it would be nice to enjoy the beaches without the sun beds/brollies.  Iím sure when I first visited 30+ years ago there wasnít a sun bed to be seen anywhere.

However hope itís not too long before businesses get back to some form of normal.
Plakias / Re: October ?
« Last post by Frank And Julie on June 20, 2020, 12:38:55 PM »
Things are slowly moving ahead here, Ostraco opened its upstairs bar on Friday night and was quite busy, a few tourist about but not many, everyone is expecting the numbers to increase early July but some taverners are keeping closed at the moment to see what happens, a very popular bar in Rethymno was fined 10,000 euros and shut down until further notice in the week by the police for not adhering to the distancing rules, which are very hard if not impossible to enforce, no more than 6 at a table or group and each group must be 2m apart.
Not many Taverners open yet as mentioned before , the are just waiting if the people come then they will all open at once I think, the Greek government has stated that any area that has a sharp increase of Covid cases will be put on lockdown, so how long we stay open is anybodyís guess.
The rules on sunbeds on the beach are that each lounger has to have a disposable cover and once the guest has used it, it must be disinfected and left for 20 minutes before another guest can use it, so most of the owners are saying that its to much hassle to do/enforce so they wont bother putting out beds, maybe they will change their mind and just increase the cost to cover the expenses and extra labour needed, again to few tourist to make it worth their while at the moment.
No demand for the boat trip at the moment, but we are getting ready for local tours and fishing trips for early July so if people want them, we will be ready. (I work on the fishing trip boat)
Plakias / Re: October ?
« Last post by Daniel on June 18, 2020, 01:12:10 PM »
Still no sign of sun beds or trip boats showing on the webcam.
Are visitors starting to come back to Plakias yet ?
How much of the town is now re opened ?

Weather looks brilliant especially when typing this sat in a cold very wet North Yorkshire
PlakChat / Re: Geese
« Last post by reddiablo on June 15, 2020, 05:25:06 PM »
the goose is cooked
PlakChat / Re: The 2020 season
« Last post by reddiablo on June 15, 2020, 05:24:06 PM »
yes thanks frank and Julie
I was coming for July 25th memorial of my brothers fatality
enroute from plakias to iraklion
the pandemic has curtailed us traveling from Florida via Athens
loved cyano last may/June.
and don't recall when I last paid a deposit on hotel
after being expat for 44 years deposits are not in my dna
cyano sent a nice reply saying my deposit will be honoured whenever we can get there
hope for next spring
im also prohibited visiting my son and family at their new home on prince Edward island Canada
I'm Canadian citizen but not allowed to enter PEI under present rules
so im stuck in Tampa
but taking a road trip to Chicago this week
just received negative result for craved swab test
my second test
good luck to you all
I contact zak z and stellios kaoudis often
we were going to toast Thomas Murney at his stone overlooking souda July 25. 20 years to the day
I will get some mythos and metaxa
and imagine im there
PlakChat / Re: The 2020 season
« Last post by Jerry19 on June 15, 2020, 02:16:17 PM »
Hi Frank & Julie,
Thanks for the update, very much appreciated.
Plakias / Re: October ?
« Last post by Richard on June 07, 2020, 04:25:30 PM »
Me too, April and May to celebrate retirement! Ho hum.

End Aug and Oct booked, everything crossed, and who knows, it may be open for business again, and quiet might be nice but I very much hope not too quiet for the locals to recoup some of their lost income - must be a huge blow.
Plakias / Re: October ?
« Last post by Daniel on June 07, 2020, 01:53:27 PM »
Looking at the web can there does not seem to be a lot of activity on the beach.
Any sun beds out yet ?
And are there many visitors in town ?
And what nationalitys are currently there ?

Still hurting from missing two visits this year.
Plakias / Re: October ?
« Last post by Daniel on May 31, 2020, 10:40:54 AM »
Today should have been our first day this year in Plakias, staying with George at Creta Mere.

Just hope that 12 months will let us go back to see them again.
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