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Gossip / Euro
« on: November 02, 2002, 10:05:51 PM »
This year was my first experiences with the Euro, I soon got used to it - and I think it's time the UK joined in. It also seemed to me that it didn't affect prices in the shops much, as everyone feared. What do you think?

Announcements / New board
« on: November 02, 2002, 07:59:37 PM »
I've had a message board on the site for a while now, and it's proved popular. However, in using various free providers, I have been let down several times.
I have now moved the site to InVision, a professional hosting service. This has also enabled me to use a different type of board.
I hope you will approve! The discussion is more structured, and other features like a calender and member to member messages make this so much better.
Please take some time to find your way around, and help to contribute to the Plakias community.
You will need to register to use the full facilities of the board - and to enable cookies in your browser, if you haven't done so already. If you don't like cookies, you can set the browser to accept from this site only.
If you need further information about Cookies, Andy has added it to the Problems Forum, here.
Please come in and look around - and start posting!

Holiday Companies / 2003 offerings
« on: November 02, 2002, 07:45:08 PM »
The 2003 brochures are starting to appear. Let us know about your bookings, and what new options you discover for 2003.
I have updated the info on the site as far as possible, but your postings will help to keep it correct.

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