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PlakChat / Deserter
« on: July 27, 2010, 08:25:11 PM »
Quote from: harribobs
interkriti forum is dreadful these days.
good to hear you enjoyed Ligres Doug, although my mate runs the Villa Maria there
Aye we did Chris although the full moon while we were there produced a major sea swell with waves that kept us all out of the sea for 'elf and safety' reasons for the three nights we were there. Still magical on the balcony as the sun set with an ouzo in hand listening to the booming sea! But we fled the South Coast for Georgopoulis and some good swimming at the end of our holiday this year. We stayed at your mate's place Villa Maria on Ligres Beach last year...lovely place and helpful family owners with Antonis on the grill!

As a postscript to my recent post the "moderators" at Interkriti barred me after my adverse observations but if they spent their energies sorting out the idiots who rubbish almost every contributor's thread they might get back to a worthwhile site to browse.
All best wishes

PlakChat / Deserter
« on: July 16, 2010, 08:12:20 PM »
We stayed in Plakias for four years and very happy visits they were before heading along the South Coast to Ag Galinia! The development in front of the villa we rented in Lefkogia prompted us to look elsewhere and this year we had two weeks in Ag Galini, a few days at Ligres Taverna chilling while the sea boiled and made swimming impossible and finished with four fabulous days in a graet hotel in Georgopoulis (first time for us in 10 years of Crete). And yes we are still in the withdrawal phase of our Cretan holiday after three weeks of dismal Scottish summer gales.
That is irrelevant to this topic.
I scan the Plakias Forum occasionally and I just wanted to comment that the forum is populated by genuine lovers of Plakias and always gives helpful information amongst the Plakchat to others seeking information about Plakias!
I also browse the Interkriti site and have now given up on it in abject disgust. That site is populated by what seems in the main to be mindless individuals hell bent on rubbishing any serious question posed and folk who frankly are the epitome of ignorant forum conduct. They diminish the efforts of serious contributors to the Crete cause and when tourism, property prices etc are in need of TLC, no potential tourist or wannabe resient is going to be swayed by the tripe spat out on that site.
So, long may the Plakias forum be a beacon of help light humour and friendship to its members and guests.
Doggie aka Doug Adam

Where to go / Where is this?
« on: February 11, 2010, 09:49:10 PM »
Quote from: Raymond
OK I will do my best.The taverna is on the eastern side of the Apokoronas peninsular, the nearest small town/large village is Kefalas. Between Kefalas and Drapanos, there is a small village called Paleloni. Coming northwards from Kefalas toward Drapanos, turn right at Paleloni. This little road winds downward to the sea and at the very end of the road is the taverna. It is called Ombrosgialos.

Hope this helps.


You're a star! We WERE in that area one day in June 2008 and we'll check it out again in June this year.
Many thanks

Where to go / Where is this?
« on: February 10, 2010, 02:09:33 PM »
The year before last, we stopped at a Taverna on one of our travels off the beaten track. Haven't a clue where we were maybe North coast but there was some sort of stone altar at  the entrance (see the pics if I can upload them) and the sea was incredibly clear and like silk on the skin! Local Cretan families arrived by boat for Sunday lunch and a swim while we were there and it was very much a taverna for Cretans to frequent.

We tried to find it again last year and failed. So I'll be grateful if anyone who recognises the taverna can give us a location to follow up next visit in June! After all the snow and freezing temperatures, that can't come soon enough!


Holiday Companies / XL airways
« on: July 18, 2008, 07:50:17 PM »
Despite taking lightweight clothing, we were both well over the XL Airways baggage allowance including the extra 5 kilos I paid for for Maree (and even more so when we flew back) but noone at Glasgow nor at Heraklion was bothered. That may change of course but the weight limits were not being imposed.

On another XL topic, I paid 74.00 for extra legroom seats and had no problem on the way out but the idiot at Heraklion allocated normal seats at the check in for the return journey despite my asking for assurances! So once on board there was much seat shifting of passengers in seats with extra legroom but not paid for. The cabin crew did sort it bless 'em but it should not have happened in the first place.


Quote from: Kerstin
Quote from: LenG
Quote from: harribobs
i think you're missing the point, no one is taking extra luggage, we've been used to a 20 kilo allowance for as long as i can remember

the allowance has been reduced, we're having to pay for what we've taken as being normal

ah well if you're "OK" with it, fine...........

It's all about the little margins where the airliners in operate i think.

Perhaps the next step is not the luggage but yourself. 'Sir, you are 78kg, thats 5 kg less than the average. You receive 10euro.  '

What an idea!  

Until now the German airlines accept 20 kilo for each person. In May we had 3 kilogrammes more and we had no problems at our airport
and as we left Heraklion we had 6 kilogrammes more (due to the honey, the wine, the metaxa and so on). The woman at the counter said:
You have to much luggage! We did not react on their words. I said we have reserved seats and I handed over our reservation and she had a lot to do
to find our names/our reservation. The result: we could go without paying for our additional luggage.
We will see what will happen when we go to Spain in September.

Where to stay / Villa with Pool
« on: July 18, 2008, 07:34:59 PM »
Hi Alex

I did rent a villa with pool in Lefkogia in 2005 and 2006. From memory it was Euros 1600 for a week. We didn't book for 2007 and 2008 because the villa is now surrounded by small high densityvillas and appartments (some of these may be rental prospects) and would be overpriced now unless the rentals were slashed! I wanted privacy and peace after a bad car crash in 2004 and was happy to pay for it to keep us in the Plakias / Shinaria area.

The letting agents were Alpha Omega iin Retimo. Yo may find the villa by searching for Villa Tymari on Google.

We're not long back from a three week villa rental in Ag. Galini, and suffering the usual holiday withdrawal symptoms!

All the best to you and Fran


Quote from: Alex&fran G
I seem to remember someone booked a Private Villa with a pool outside Plakias, Possibly Dougie, any one any Idea of prices etc. Alex.

Plakias / Worrying Development
« on: October 09, 2007, 09:45:17 PM »
Quote from: Chris H.
When I made my reservation last week for next year I asked Sofia (Limani/Olive Grove) what she thought of the new developments, she just said: 'Yes, it's a pity' , that was all she had to say about it...... apart from the fact that such a big new project could  mean a threat to the relaxed and much apreciated atmosfere in Plakias I can imagine that a lot of the locals have mixed feelings, like for example Sofia, she has apartments so there will be more competition but she also runs a giftshop so there will be more turnover when many hundreds of well off new people arrive in town. So many of the Plakias people will also profit from all this happening and it must be confusing for them to deal with these mixed feelings. Dunno, maybe I'm just blabbering or maybe I make sense.....
Another thing is, it may be interesting to keep track of how many of these apartements/villas are actually sold over the next 1/2 year or so. I mailed them about a week ago and asked for their pricelist, they sent it to me right away. Eleven properties out of 53 were 'reserved' , none were sold. Maybe it's an idea if one of you people asks for their pricelist in a few weeks time and then someone else again and so on and on. Idea?
Chris H.

ps. I really, really wonder what sort of people would buy property like that, for sure not regulars (I suppose) As it is supposed to be 5 star quality will people that can afford 5 star property (the very cheapest are  200.000 euro's, vat not included!) find Plakias good enough to their spoiled likings, I mean, if they arrive one day for an inspection of the area and (let's hope!) it's a windy day they'll get sandpapered and will never return. And if there is no wind and they walk around the village they'll come to the conclusion that it all looks a bit too shabby for their liking......wishfull thinking? or not.....

The reason we all love Plakias is the reason why a developer will want to invest in the area and when we were in Plakias last June for a brief visit, we found the local residents a bit ambivalent about new development. I thought they would be happy to see more business potential but in fact they were happy with the status quo! More visitors more residents = more work. The same problems are being seen around Ag. Galini and Timbaki with the prospect of a deep water container port funded by China as a doorstep into the lucrative EU markets. The Athens based Government think it will provide employment to the region but the local residents just don't want to see the commercialisation of such a beautiful part of Crete. I was left with the impression that the official aim was to have a permanent resident popultion of around 4,000 for Plakias. Bit of a sea change there then. Would I want it? Would Sofia at Limani and Marcos at the patisserie (forgot the name of his fab chill spot!) want it? I suppose in the name of progress, I would accept it.

The leaves in Scotland are now touched with the most vibrant Autumn colours reflecting in the rivers and lochs. Maree and I were on the Thames at the start of October wondeful clear sunshine, and I am just back from Manchester this evening to the Scottish Boders pxxxing with rain. The UK country side is glorious. So why do I miss the scorched scented mountains and gorges and beaches of Crete.......God knows but we'll be back!

ATB to all..Doggie

PlakChat / it's quiet Carruthers.... too quiet
« on: August 16, 2007, 09:20:54 PM »
Quote from: George
Quote from: Tony and Sandra Smith
Has anyone pictures of what the fountains look like after the "refurb" recently?
This was taken in 2004:

I had a few years off before that, so I don't know when the refurb was.

george g...
No pics I'm afraid but we had a cooling iced coffee in the taverna above the Lion Fountain in June 2007 looking down on to the refurbed patio area. It is a stunning refurb and with the concealed lighting, I would think that an evening visit would be very special. We also bought a bell made by the monks of Meteora from the shop run by the English woman opposite the natural products shop (visit Spili and you will know which I mean!). We ALWAYS visit Spili and it is now a very smart stop off point on the way to fab beaches Ag Galini et al hot spots. How I miss Crete and still another 46 weeks until we return. Unless....?

Plakias / New Development
« on: July 16, 2007, 08:19:04 PM »
Been back from Crete for two weeks now and it all seems like a distant dream but in fact it was our best holiday EVER in Crete.  I should explain that after years of Plakias holidays, the fields in front of the villa we've rented in Lefkogia for the past few years have been developed since our visit last June. When we realised that a major development adjacent to the"luxury villa Thymari" was in the offing, we decided it was time to move on and explore new parts of Crete. So this year we had one week in Gavalahori to sample the North coast and two weeks in Agia Galini. The heat wave and constant hot wind from the Libyan deserts that surprised us for a few days we even began to enjoy!

On the day we returned to Plakias to see Ikarus Jewellery studio in Sellia, Marcus in Candia, Sofia at Limani appartments et al. friends, we drove up the road opposite the gas station outside Lefkogia, took the first left then a right at the T junction to see our beloved villa again, but now totally drowned by a development of impressive looking stone built villas. The pool was empty and the villa looked deserted.

We set off for Shinaria where we've spent many happy sun filled hours over the years and even that didn't feel as it once did. We've now refound Liggres Beach, newly discovered Kommo, Farago and other South coat paradise beaches, new tavernas and music bars etc. and had a wonderful three weeks in this superb island.

Chatting to some of the Plakiots, we were really surprised that they didn't seem to want the expected growth in permanent residents which would have helped their businesses grow, but the opinions seemed to be that they were happy with the way things were and didn't want any change despite the feeling Ive had that Plakias is quieter now than when we started holidaying there. Anyway, I was told the plan is to have a permanent resident population of 4,000 in Plakias year round. So if that ain't change, what is? and will it be good or bad for Plakias?

We loved Ag. Galini and I hope that that doesn't upset the friends of Plakias and have us drummed off the forum. I still have a soft spot for Plakias and will follow the forum news as before. Plakias and Ag Galini. Each has it's own merits and each of us has our own holiday priorities and objectives! One thing Maree and I agree on totally, the South of Crete rather than the North coast, has a magic that stirs the soul and that is where we will always enjoy the fun, food, drink and friendship of Crete and Cretans.

Happy days and all the best


Plakias / CAR HIRE
« on: March 24, 2007, 12:57:16 PM »
Quote from: George
Hi Guys

I'm about to sort the car out for Plakias this year and have only got the Alianthos addresses.

Has anyone got any email addresses or www sites for any of the others in town, ie Monza, Preveli, Moto Auto Plakias etc. etc.

Any info would be welcome...  

george g...

Best deal I got last year was from www.autoway.gr e-address info@autoway.gr for a fully insured hire, tyres, CDW etc.

This year, I'll go to them again for a 3 week hire. We pick up the car at Heraklion airport and return it there at the end of the holiday.


PlakChat / cheap flights
« on: January 29, 2007, 08:24:30 PM »
Quote from: Daisy
We have gone back to Olympic this year, with decent flight times and we are able to fly from our region, B.A.
just did not come up with good flight times and a long drag to Gatwick!

If you have the good fortune to live in Scotia, flights to Iraklio and Chania are MUCH more expensive than flying from Mchr/Gtw/Luton etc but we did get a reasonable flight from Glasgow for 3 weeks from 12th June to Iraklio until I start adding in the privilege of a seat next to my Partner, a meal, and for a bloke 6'4" with a Partner blonde bright and 5' Perfect" still recovering from a head on RTA we had  in 2004, extra leg room, I guess we will be paying c. 600 with XL.com from Glasgow. Small price though for the pleasures of Crete.

BUT, the developments in Plakias in front of the villa we have taken for the last few years have prompted us to look for pastures new. We both LOVE Plakias but there are areas we haven't formed connections with which may? fill the void of a departure from Plakias at least for 2007 while we test the waters! We always spend part of the holiday exploring anyway but now, gorge walking gives way to chilling out by the pool on beaches like Shinaria, Ag Pavlos, Likres etc. although Ag. Pavlos is a challenge too far for now! and just watching the world go by over an ouzo or a "a sex on the beach" watching the sun set ovr Plakias Bay.

So wonderful Plakiots (?), and Plakiotophiles, while recovering from a bout of flu which poleaxed me for the first time since a serious illness in 1991, I spent the miserable days planning our 2007 break and now, we are in a villa near Kalives on the North coast for a week and a villa near Ag. Galini for a couple of weeks for the rest of our 2007 visit . But, I'll miss Plakias big time! My heart's still there.

Incredibly though, three weeks accommodation in private villas with pools in 2007 rented direct from owners will cost less than we paid for one week's villa rental in Plakis/Lefkogia via an agency in 2006!

So while the developments will not affect the spirit of Plakias for newcomers, it has steered us away to look at other areas of Crete where one day we may put down some roots.

Best wishes for a happy and prosperous future and a fantastic 2007 from Maree and me


PlakChat / September Nights
« on: August 23, 2006, 09:18:43 PM »
Agree it's best to be prepared! Maree and I were there on 6th June and experienced our first Cretan June rainfall and grey skies in years of holidaying there, which lasted for a few days. And the wind in the final week 17th to 24th was ferocious, blowing the shade umbrellas into the pool and making beach life difficult. Fortunately we had the pool to lie beside and heal 49 odd weeks of toil in Bonny Scotland. Wet days meant more money spent shopping in Plakias, Mirthios and Sellia for wonderfully designed and creative goodies. So we still had a ball. But that's Crete.

Sadly, we may be looking at the North West area next year for part of our holiday because of building developments in front of the villa we have taken for the last few years near Plakias. There's something comfortable about Plakias though and who knows. Maybe we will manage both North and South coasts.

Wish i was in Plakias right now...it sort of has that effect on you!


Holiday Companies / Excel Airways
« on: August 21, 2006, 09:31:51 PM »
We've flown with Excel for the last four years to Heraklion from Glasgow and we will possibly fly again with them BUT as another 6'4" laddie, the flight out, if you can't get the extra legroom seats is not a problem...excitement of heading to Plakias etc!! but the return flights which leave at 01.00 hrs when you are knackered from the days departure logistics, but not yet all holidayed out, are a nightmare for anyone with long legs. We sat in the second row behind seats otherwise empty except for the three cabin crew lassies who spent their non working hours reading Hello and OK mags and loudly discussing "celebs" and their own boyfriends. We asked to be moved forward and offered to pay on the spot but were politely told it was not possible.

This year's return flight was the most miserable I've had as an able bodied longlegged person so what it must be like for someone with any disability needing additional space I can't imagine. However as others have said the airline's own and IATA's safety regs for emergency and wing exits probably exclude anyone not fully able physically from occupying these seats.

Totally unrelated add on: I'm sending a 6 kilo package to Toronto and a 1.5 kilo package to Singapore as samples of a surface coating material for local demonstration and trials, and the costs are going to be 305.00 and 293.00 respectively. So when I next pay 250 for each of our air tickets for Heraklion, I won't complain!!

We had a blast in Crete this year and I wish everyone heading there as happy and renewing a holiday as we had.


Plakias / New Development
« on: June 24, 2006, 06:46:25 PM »
We arrived back from Plakias this morning after 18 days in Crete. The last week was spent in a villa in Lefkogia and the development you are talking about is bang in front of the villa we've rented for the past two years June visits.

We were sunbathing au nutural on two consecutive days when a group of folk arrived in the fields adjacent to us complete with rep from kretaeiendom and sets of plans. Coincidentally we were having lunch on Thursday at the taberna at Damnoni beach and the same group were discussing the project over sets of plans with the same female rep.

So that is where the development is. There are no ground or site works as yet but one of the developer's sales team said the time scale was a minimum of one year to having units ready.

As you head for Lefkogia, there is a slip road to the left up opposite the EKO gas station, into the olive groves. Take the first rough road to the left and you come to a sort of T junction and the fields immediately ahead of you is the site. There are two white villas on the ridge up the dirt road to the right, one of them Villa Thymari is where we stay. But we will not be back! The peace and calm of the villa will disappear along with the view over the fields to Plakias Bay.

Apart from discovering the shattering news, we had a fantastic time in Plakias/ Lefkogia and a side trip to Elounda, Sitia, Mochlos (unmissable fishing village), Vai an Xerocambos beaches and Ierapetra. It'll take us all the next year to face another mountain hairpin bend!!!

Plakias was great as ever. Rain one day!!! hot most of the rest of our stay and VERY windy almost all of 14 days there. Town got busier towards the end of this week with more young folk arriving and we managed a "meet" with Alex and Fran, fellow Scots on the forum.

Have a great holiday anyone else there or about to arrive.


Where to eat...or not! / Where to eat?
« on: May 09, 2006, 08:12:26 PM »
Does anyone have any recommendations for a vegetarian? (who has been known to eat fish)
[a href=\"index.php?act=findpost&pid=3708\"][{POST_SNAPBACK}][/a]

I can't think of a totally veggie restaurant in Plakias ( in fact I can only think of one, but that is in Paleohora) but most tavarnas have various veggie options, Stuffed aubergines, corgettes and various beans in tomato sauce dishes. whether these are 100% veggie of course is a different matter  
[a href=\"index.php?act=findpost&pid=3718\"][{POST_SNAPBACK}][/a]

Aye! That is a strictly veggie restaurant! We had dinner there last June en route to Elafonassi and had a surfeit of artichokes and thingies which grew up with no legs! We always have a few days away from Plakias to scout out other parts of Crete which we love and dinner there was really tough going but interesting!! Watching the other diners (you had to be there) was better than the food for non veggies and the owner (I think...attitude!) was not a happy bunny when he had to clear our table of remnants. Great live music though and if we'd been veggies we would probably have loved it!

Best meal in 2 weeks? Barbecued steak bought from the shop near the Plakias "bridge" , cooked by my exquisite Maree at midnight under the Cretan skies, followed by a swim on our last evening in Plakias. Aberdeen Angus steak imported from the herds in Argentina and bred from Aberdeen Angus bulls frae Scotland. Maree is an Aberdeen lass and the irony under the Cretan stars didn't escape her!

That apart we enjoyed eating Cretan style in Harakis, pork in Metaxa was delicious, and other restaurants in the front street, and sadly until we joined this list ,we didn't realise how popular Medousa was! Hope there will be room for us there in June! If not, I hope someone will budge along or share a table!


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