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Plakias / Re: I often wonder 1985,86,87
« on: May 25, 2016, 11:10:06 PM »

I thought it was a success but the pics appear on the preview  but when I save they don't appear ,strange

Plakias / Re: I often wonder 1985,86,87
« on: May 25, 2016, 10:23:41 PM »
   Thanks Voloudakis  going to try it on the test site now , will tell you how I get on .... I  use tinypic normally and it gives you a size selection but only the avatar size worked not the larger . but will try imgur to see what happens , thanks again for your help.

Plakias / Re: I often wonder 1985,86,87
« on: May 25, 2016, 09:02:53 PM »
Maybe someone can explain how to put up photographs ,as on other forums its easy you go to Tinypic upload a file copy and  paste ,but it only seems to accept avatar size photos   on here ,as I tried on the test . but it must be possible as I have viewed Voloudakis  great photos  which were  very large pics  , but need mine to be half the size . Any help would be appreciated.

Also surprised there is no thanks button to thank the kind replies ..  mish

Thank you Ian s  making my mouth water, maybe when your young and hungry everything tasted better , as sounds so simple to make,  but my memory it tasted special ....

Never been back to the area as don't want to break the spell of memory ....

Tests / test
« on: May 25, 2016, 08:45:32 PM »
Old Mirthios

Plakias / Re: I often wonder 1985,86,87
« on: May 25, 2016, 05:04:44 PM »
Thanks again Steven when we knew Lefteris   when he was the Rethymnon - Plakias- Mirthios bus conducter , not so grey as his picture you linked . He used to  get  the cream  of the  arriving backpackers,  for rent rooms  for his family, or a small commission from the Pensions , it was easy  having met  them on the on the bus,  it was an easy sell.  His job apart from conducting  had him  jumping off the bus before Plakias ,to tend to his bees , and jumping  back on  when it turned to go up Mirthios . We got on with  him whilst  travelling to rethmo for  weekly provisions He  used to  guide  and watch the backing up of   the bus for the driver.  On more than  one occasion  the village  with the only butcher ,can't remember its name , he  used to  have to move the chairs to let the bus through, as they were all watching a communal tv in the village sq .  We eventually rented a really nice Greek  house from him,  after all his sales tequniques, we had resisted in the past , and got to know him better,   he must of started this doughnut business on his retiral from the buses .

Yes thats the name of the Resturant  over the small storm drain , when we were flush we used to go there for a special meal ,and remember among other fantastic dishes  that Lucas did one I   remember was the wonderful mixed egg salad( sounds boring and simple, I   know ,but with a real chefs magic something special ) in a large glass bowl a meal in itself.
 I remember one night at the begining  of a season sitting in the Lysseos having a meal , the weather was foul and it started to rain  and thier were candles on the table awaiting  the inevitable power cut , expected in in Greece in a   storm.  Litos was the only restaurant   owner then that played  either  classical  music ,  vangelis or Irene papas, and not the usual pop,    so  with this good music playing,  as  up until then  we still had  electric,  the show began ,  with  one of the biggest electrical storms  we had seen in Greece , a bit frightening , with crashing thunder and what I can only  describe as  hundreds of separate bursts of  lighting shooting across the sky and  our eyeline in the black inky sky   it was like our own sound and light show supplied by  nature and the music playing  until  a loud crash of thunder  along with a  crescendo  from the  music , and everything went black apart  from flickering candles  and the music  was dramatically  cut , you couldn't of staged it better, and is still imprinted on my brain, and never forgotten ......

Plakias / Re: I often wonder 1985,86,87
« on: May 25, 2016, 02:16:05 PM »
Thank you Ian S they must of returned to plakias were caroline was the Sunmed rep for many years and were she met the love of her life  her Israeli boy friend Guy  We were at thier wedding in Blackpool ,were they opened a cafe l , then we heard they had closed it and were going to grow polytunnel vegtables in New Zealand and lost touch .... thanks  so returned to Plakias....

Plakias / Re: I often wonder 1985,86,87
« on: May 25, 2016, 09:59:39 AM »
Thank you Steven for the update ,glad to hear Onya made a life for herself with  Adonis 30 years together , I now remeber Adonis  when you mentioned the name    (he had a motorbike accident that effected his leg )  , Onya's  best freind at the time was Sacha, an Australian girl who ran the  Youth hostel,  for Plakias's  budding Entrepreneur the Greek boy  Philip , who had the only watersports company  and  also, had the scout hut  Disco on the beach  the Meltem  the place to go and be seen ha ha   ( the only) till a club called the Hexagon came along ..   I will look out old photographs to post so people can see the old plakias ..... I  I also forgot to mention Nikos and Marie at the Oasis ,many a time it was just that  an Oasis when we walked back from Dammoni beach (oh I do remember the lovely yogurt and honey at the beach bar)  on our wait for a lift up to  Mirthios either by tractor or in the back of the many toyota style trucks .

Plakias / I often wonder 1985,86,87
« on: May 25, 2016, 12:33:24 AM »
I often wonder what happened to my friends , I met and shared  many good times with ,when we lived in Mirthios, and later Plakias, in 85,86 ,87. I am only still in touch with one Adam an American now living in Paris that used to work in the Alianthos with Sifi.

 The others I remember was  Caroline & Guy Adar  ,  Peter & Jeannie who was a music teacher in rethymnon but lived in Mirthios and was our neighbours for a while ,  Sacha who ran the  plakias youth hostel then,    an irish girl enya whose boyfriend ran/or owned the Smyrna/ Smerna Bar  . There was Alan and Beechy who ran the pension for Anna  which is now Anna apartments in Mirthios also in the village were  eccentric Ruth ,  and Americans  Dallas and Vicky  , Ronnie , Tim Oliver a builder and Brian and Leyla.  In plakias   in the Alianthos shop were two  german girls  Ute & christina , and  beautiful guy from Bavaria  called  thomas , and Hazel a girl from England that  came for a week and  stayed forever or at least a while .

The Greeks in Mirthios  we knew was of course Giorgio  the name of the bar he ran,  below  the then  Mirthios youth hostel ,  the cooking in his bar  was done by his mother affectionately known by all as Mama , overseen by  her  handsome  and proud  husband, the spit of what Giorgio surely  has become , his brother had the Dolphin Bar in Plakias Manoussous ,  Anna  from the now Anna apartments who visited at weekends from living in   rethymnon  her sister Crysoula  who we once rented a house.  The other resturant/bar in the village was run by another Anna with her  german help Wolfgang ,but to visit you had to do a detour round the village because of village poltics and jealousy  ..  Crazy Angelo with a wonderful moustache and wasn't adverse to using a gun , plus his kindly brothers older and younger allways ready to gve a lift ,normally on a tractor . the enterprising bus conducter Lefteris who had bees .rented house sold honey , and we heard went on to sell dougnuts on the beach . The lovely Irene and blind Manoli  and sister Andegoni surely dead by now as very old then.  Proud  Maria from the shop proud of her dead husband decorated by the UK govt for services to british airmen and of course the donkey man  looki looki always there to sell you the odd fig or orange for some ridiculous price  .

In Plakias  Sifi from the Alianthos hotel Resturant, the kindly  Manos owner of the then monoply  Candia Tours and his team of bus drivers   fed strong coffee to keep them awake on transfer nights, the mad drunk monk who always played backgammon outside the lesbain book shop bar  the , Lito and Lucas ex Athens and olympic airways staff that opened an restaurant just over the small storm drain bridge who played classical music and did a mean meal of a salad  , The brave  french couple who took the Greeks on at thier own game to be the  first foreign owners to do so  at thier  Mimosa bar  Michel and Tania    lovely Lance who I have heard  has sadly passed ,who did at one time did the   the botanical tours for sunmed and editor of the naughty reps mag whilst working in the office at Iraklion (Heraklion) sadly missed . There must be many more I have missed of forgot the names ......   

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