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Plakias / Re: Barny and Ruth in town for two weeks.
« on: June 10, 2012, 07:55:45 PM »
Barny, did you made your decision? As each year we enjoyed our stay in Castello.
We made a lot of pictures. Do you need further information?

Where to eat...or not! / Re: Harakas !
« on: June 10, 2012, 07:49:26 PM »
Sorry, I cannot agree with you. The portions are the same.
During our stay we spent a lot of evenings in the Harakas. It is right, Sonja and Lanbros had to reconstruct
the restaurant but the service is the same. The owner rented the other side to Anso Travel.

PlakChat / Re: Anyone there? Excited yet?
« on: April 12, 2012, 05:24:18 PM »
Hello daza,

my husband and I, we will be in Plakias from the 20th of May until the 3rd of June. Normally, we prefer the beginning of May but this year we decided to go a bit later. Last year it was very cold and we had a lot of rain and now we hope it will be better.
Our flights, the accomodation and the taxi transfer are arranged and we are looking forward to our next stay in Plakias.

Greetings from Germany,
Kerstin and Peter

Plakias / Re: Airport transfers/Bus
« on: December 24, 2011, 11:32:59 AM »
I believe his name was Andrea and he lives in Damnoni.
He is Zach's employee and we had a lot of fun from the airport to Plakias.


Announcements / Re: New Forum
« on: October 26, 2011, 07:40:40 PM »
Well down, Paul.

Today in the morning I was very surprised about the "new forum" , but I like it.


Plakias / The wind!
« on: October 06, 2011, 06:45:27 PM »
Quote from: stewart
Can't find Mikri Amoudi/Micro Amoudi on google maps, can someone give directions walking from Plakias pls?

Try this website:

I hope it works.


Plakias / New Ferry Plakias-Gavdos
« on: August 15, 2011, 12:06:31 PM »
Quote from: John R
Quote from: Alex&fran G
Is the Gavdos ferry up and running,or not? Anyone know?????    Alex

I understand from the Sfakia forum that the larger Gavdos ferry supposed to be running from the new Plakias harbour never got started due to non compliance with regulations. No idea about the local smaller trips from Plakias

I found this on the web site of Gavdos-Star:

We would like to inform our dear passengers that PS Gavdos Star is ending,with immidiate effect,
it's ferry service from Plakias to Gavdos.
We are sorry for any incovenince caused and we thank you for your understanding."

PlakChat / nearly time!
« on: July 06, 2011, 12:51:23 PM »
Quote from: Barny
Ahhh, Flights booked, taxi booked, Room booked, motor bike booked .now the countdown to Plakias!!


Nice to hear that you can go to Plakias.
Enjoy your stay!


Plakias / Holiday Report May 2011
« on: June 15, 2011, 06:28:34 AM »
Quote from: boxerlover
Congratulations and many thanks to whomsoever has seen the necessity of restoring the far end beach parasols to their original decent distance apart today.

Whether it was tourist protests or just plain commonsence doesn't matter. It had to be done.

Those of you who wrote on the forum about there being more to Plakias than sun beds are quite right. But to me and many many more old people they are an essential requirement to enjoying Plakias when mobility is restricted.


Hello John and Tom,
enjoy the last days of your holiday. We think on you both.  
Kerstin and Peter

Plakias / Holiday Report May 2011
« on: June 03, 2011, 04:53:32 PM »
The beach was cleaned with a tractor during the first days in May. We have seen it but it was not very successful.
I believe they moved the rubbish for one to the next point.
Really, we missed the sunbeds because there are so many stones in the sand and therefore it was not comfortable.
As always Emma works in the Livicon and at this time Freddie was waiting for the papers as to work.
We do not know what happened in the meantime.


Plakias / New Ferry Plakias-Gavdos
« on: May 19, 2011, 08:10:34 AM »
Quote from: spottttttt
We are hoping to go in late June, is it possible toget there and back in a day or is an over night stay advisable?

During our stay in Plakias we have seen the ferry. You leave Plakias port in the morning and you will be back
early in the evening.

Have a look there:

Plakias / New Ferry Plakias-Gavdos
« on: April 24, 2011, 08:49:45 PM »
Quote from: jann
Quote from: Mike G
Quote from: jann
That sounds interesting!  will be in Plakias next Tuesday for 2 weeks, will suss it out
Are you on an Olympic holiday and flying with Strategic airlines? If so you will probably be one of the first on the forum to be able to report on this company that Olympic are using for the first time.

Have a good time. Plakias should be quiet this early in the season.


Yes Mike will be on the Strategic flight 9am from Manchester! It's just a week earlier than I went last year (4 May) I know it will be quiet, that's how I like it.  Kerstin will be there a few days later as well.
I will report back (away for 2 weeks) on the flight and any other gossip!  Staying at Dora this time and hoping Kostas bar and pool will be open at least the 2nd week.

Can't wait now!!!

Yes, we will arrive on the 2nd of May in the evening. As always we have booked Castello and Taxi4You.

Jann? Safe journey! See you soon.


PlakChat / Plakias - Heraklion airport
« on: March 05, 2011, 04:42:10 PM »
Quote from: spottttttt
Quote from: paleo
Quote from: spottttttt
How long will it take, steady drive from Plakias to Heraklion airport?

Steady drive - 2 hours
Thanks, not as long as we thought!

According to our experience with TAXI4YOU: 90 minutes
We can recommend this service. Zak is very reliable and a very good taxi driver.

Plakias / 2011 season
« on: February 25, 2011, 06:28:34 PM »
Quote from: jann
Thanks Peter and Dawn, will have a drink for you in Livicon!  and say hello to yoiur friends    and I hope you do manage a trip this year  

Jann? Only "one drink"???
I am sure we have enough time for much more drinks.

Peter and Dawn, of course  we will meet Freddie on the beach and Emma in the Livicon.
We promise, to say HELLO to both and to Dennis in the Livicon.

Plakias / 2011 season
« on: February 24, 2011, 06:15:56 PM »
Quote from: jann
Quote from: Kerstin
Quote from: jann
Delighted to say I've just booked today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    at Dora for 2 weeks from 26th April with Olympic  , can't wait!  only 9 weeks to go!

Jann, we will arrive on the 2nd of May and we will stay at Castello.  


Lovely, I hope to meet up with you again Kerstin?  I am going with a friend this time, perhaps we can arrange  to meet up for a drink sometime ?
How long are you there for?


We will stay in Plakias until the 16th of May. Yes, of course we can have a drink. After our evening meals we prefer the Livicon
because we like it very much.
See you soon!


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