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Plakias / October ?
« on: March 29, 2020, 03:06:19 PM »
June holiday gone.

Looks like September holiday is also gone.

Let's hope that we are clear to travel byOctober, we can gat flights and that all our usual places are still up and running.

Don't know how late places stay open or when airlines stop flights but if we can go this year, then we make every effort to do so.

We need Plakias and they more than ever will need us.

Plakias / September holiday report
« on: September 28, 2019, 12:14:40 PM »
We flew from Leeds Bradford airport on 3rd September for 11 days with Ryanair.
No problems at all.
Flights on time and no pilot strikes.
Picked up a car at Chania Airport and took a leisurely drive down to Plakias, with just a short stop at the bottom of the hill, going in to Chania , to stock up at the big supermarket.
Drive took about 1 hour 40 mins.

As is usual, we stayed with George at Creta Mare.
As is usual, the stay was excellent.
Well looked after by Joanna and Anna.

We had an excellent holiday, as usual, and the following are our observations:

The mix of people/nationalities in town this year was varied.
There were, amongst others, Swiss, Italians (a lot) Austrians, French (a lot) Germans and Israelis but very few British.

The number of British visitor did start to increase towards the end of our stay.
This mix, with no predominant nation in town , gave a really good "feel" to the evenings.
Tavernas were busy but not overly so.
Very few required reservations to ensure a table but all were well used.
The exception we found was Gio Mar.
We always needed to pre book a table at this one when we (regularly) used it.

Eating our was always good.
You have to be very unlucky to have a bad evening meal experience in Plakias.
Taverna prices unchanged from June.

Amongst eating out at several other places,we went back to Sirocco for the first time in many years.
The fact that it has changed hands a few times since we first knew it had put us off using it.
But really impressed this time and we will now start to use it again on our next visits.

The weather was strange for September.
Very hot and sunny for nearly all the 11 days there (rain on our last evening).
I know the place is windy, and renowned for that, but this was exceptional.
We only could use the sandy part of the beach, opposite Plakias Suites, 5 times and even some of that was marginal.
For the rest of the time, we used the beds from Creta Mare, on the gravel/pebbly beach.
Some days we just stayed on the balcony and watched the sandstorms blowing.
Sand was blowing down the beaches and sunbeds were sent flying all over the place.
Never seen it like that for such a long period before.

As to the town itself, then very little seems to have changed since our last visit in June.
No discernible building work or changes to be seen, which is good.

But the far end is a different proposition.
It looks like they (Greek money, according to Siffi ) are building a small village up there.
Could also be some commercial build. …...shops, café, Tavernas ?
At the rate they are going, they could well be finished some time next year.
The amount of work done since we saw it in June astonished us.
And you can hear some building work going on when on the beach.
(not enough to make us change sunbed location, though)

A really big change to the old town.
It is far enough from the main town so as not to affect the feel of the place.
And it may not make too big an impact on the beaches opposite, or we hope not.
And there is more than enough beach to go round.
Progress will happen and if it happens in Plakias, then this is the area for it to be.
Nothing stays the same for ever, however much we want it to.

We will still continue to re visit the old place twice a year, early June and early September, even though it is beginning to evolve into some thing slightly different to what we first knew.

Change for the better or the worse ?
I leave that up to the Greek residents.
Its their town !!


Plakias / June holiday report
« on: June 16, 2019, 04:04:14 PM »
Just back from 11 day stay in Plakias and these are our reflections on that visit.
They are our thoughts and are subjective and may not coincide with others experiences at Plakias, but for what its worth :

First things first:

One of the best holidays we have had in Plakias.
Very few negative thoughts or experiences.
Weather and accommodation and eating our were all top class.

We flew from Leeds Bradford with Ryanair.
Ryanair were as advertised.
Leeds Bradford airport was a shambles.
Actively looking at using Manchester airport next year.

Picked up a car at the airport and a leisurely drive down to Plakias.
As usual, stayed with George at Creta Mare.
Can not recommend this place highly enough.
Both he and Joanna run a top class operation.

Now to our thoughts on the town:

As stated in other posts, the mix of nationalities this year is much different than previous years.
Much higher proportion of German, Dutch, French, Italian etc.
But this is not because there are more of these nationalities.
It is because the Brits are not there in any significant numbers.
I leave other to debate the reason for this.
But this mix of nationalities was fine with us, as we enjoy a varied mix of people and languages.

For the first week the town was very quiet and barely 60 % full, if that.
Although there did seem to be more people about at the end of our stay.
No problem with getting a table any night in any Tavernas.
Even the most popular had plenty of room and no need to pre book tables anywhere.
Most only 75% full at best.

Same can be said with the beach and sunbeds.
No pressure at all with these anywhere we went (others will have a better view on those at the far end, although these did not looked over stressed ?)
We have never seen the beach or sunbeds so quiet.
Huge gaps on the beach between the stands of sunbeds with no one there for most of the time.

The  weather was on the whole excellent.
One cloudy day and one very windy day but apart from that, very good.

As to the town its self, then very little has changed.

The main changes come in the town periphery:
Down near the far end and running from Pelemgrenos (someone will correct the spelling) right down to Ammos, a major building site is underway.
Don't know what is being built but it is going to be big and is well under way.
And it goes a long way back.
How long before the whole front is built up ?

As I said in another post, new beach bar built about 75 yards up from the existing one.

Also building work next to Creta Mare where a block of 4 or 5 new apartments are part built.
The noise from concrete wagons and building trucks was a nuisance.

There is also a sign with 15 house to be built on the hillside at the top of the road which runs up past Cosy Corner but don't know if or when this will happen.

Plenty of "for sale" signs at various plats of land about town.
But as long as building in the town fits in with current design/standards, this may be a good thing ?

These are observations, not criticisms and just a report on changes to  the town from our visit last year.

We will be back in Plakias from 3rd September for another 11 days.
Usual car hire,usual place to stay, usual Tavernas, usual sun beds.
Boring, us ?

Plakias / Major building work underway at far end!!
« on: June 11, 2019, 04:39:09 PM »
A new beach bar under construction about 75 yards from the Palagremos beach bar, and towards the far ends so will be giving the existing bar a bit of competition !!
Looks like it will be finished and open by week end and it is directly opposite the Plakias Suites accommodation so may be something to do with that set up ?

( sorry for the sensational headline, but had to get your attention)

Plakias / Impromptu music ???
« on: June 07, 2019, 07:54:15 AM »
Settled in to Plakias again and went for a meal last night at Ksezoni ( next to Cosy Corner)
Part way thru the meal, a group of men started singing and playing local Greek music.
Really made our evening.
A film crew from Greek National tv then appeared and made a video of the event.
Not as impromptu as we thought.
Still, great meal and something you don't come across every night !!

Plakias / Not dead, just sleeping
« on: June 04, 2019, 05:51:18 PM »
Back in Plakias today for our ? Th visit .
As usual, staying with George at Crete Mare for 12 nights.
Just been to se Sifri and Ana for a Mithos and booked a table at Gio Mar for 8.15.
Nothing much seems to have changed but will
wander about the town tomorrow and see what is going on and.will report back later in the week.
 Don't despair.
Still life in the old town yet.

Where to eat...or not! / No more Harakas ?
« on: December 22, 2018, 08:58:06 PM »
Email from Sonja today.
Husband Lambros has retired so they will now no longer be at Harakas Taverna.
One of our "must" eating places every time we have visited Plakias.
They will be much missed by us.
Wish them well for a long and happy retirement and hope to see then sometime about town ?

Plakias / September update
« on: September 11, 2018, 05:28:18 PM »
Checked into the updated Crete Mare with George at 3.30 pm.
Only one sugestion about his Raki:
Don't get it on your clothes as I suspect that it is corrosive!!
But that did not stop us from enjoying his hospitality.

Updates and modifications to the place are excellent and improve an already beautiful hotel.

Been to see Siffi and Anna and had a beer with them .
Will be eating with them a couple of times during this holiday.

Table booked at Gio Ma for 8.15.

Flights with Ryanair first class and arrived at Chania 15 mins early ( but could do without the fanfair  on arrival.)
Picked a car up at the airport and leasurly drive down to Plakias.
Will update as the holiday goes on.o

Plakias / Paleochora v Plakias
« on: June 18, 2018, 07:05:19 PM »
We have just returned from a 10 day holiday in Paleochora.

We are long term visitors to Plakias but thought we may enjoy a change in a different resort.
So we booked independently with Ryanair, flew to Chania, hired a car and stayed 10 days at the Aris Hotel.
I will put a review of the Aris Hotel on Trip Advisor later.

These thoughts on our stay:
The drive down from Chania to Paleochora is a nightmare. The road is very narrow and twisty and is not for the faint hearted.
The beaches are no where near as good as at Plakias, apart from the very busy Town Beach.

 Where we were staying, the only way we could find a beach somewhere near our liking was to get into the car and drive for about 15 minutes.
All the nearby beaches were rough pebble beaches.

Paleochora town is much bigger then Plakias and there is a large selection of places to eat but few of them come up to the standard of the ones in Plakias (but eating out was about 15pc cheaper than Plakias).
But the blight of local "musicians" playing in groups of 2 or 3 outside all the Tavernas really lets the pace down.
Some nights, as many as 3 different groups came round during our meal, played 2 tunes and went round with the hat
Ok for 1 or 2 nights, but after 10 nights ?.

Our problem was that we compared everything at Paleochora with it counterpart at Plakias.
And in nearly every aspect, Paleochora came second best.

We will not be returning to Paleochora.
Out decision to have a change of scenery was a mistake.
We should have (and will do) stick to our first love, Plakias.
Looking forward to September and 11 days with George at Creta Mere.

Plakias / Back again
« on: September 10, 2017, 11:34:42 AM »
Back for our regular Plakias fix.
Staying with George again at Creta Mare.
First day here but place seems little changed from previous years.
Very hot at32 deg and little to no wind.
Ate at Geo Ma last night and it was  first class, as usual.
Will eat with Sonya tonight.
THe town is very busy with a good mix of nationalities.
This we find a good thing.
Now for the beach.
And will assess the sunned hogging issue.
Will give a full report when we get back to UK.

Plakias / Building work ?
« on: December 23, 2016, 10:03:58 AM »
Been looking at the Plakias webcam over the last few days.

I may be my eyesight, but is there some building work being carried out at the back of Gio Ma Taverna ?

A big, black square building seems to be appearing ?

Plakias / September update
« on: September 18, 2016, 11:37:15 AM »
Now half way thru our annual pilgrimage to Plakias.

Weather is hot.
Very hot at 35 deg plus.
Some wind but not enough to be a nuisance.
But the sea is beautiful and warm

The place is as busy as we have ever seen it at this time of year.

Excellent mix of nationalities with no one being too prevalent.

Staying with George at Creta Mere as usual and eating out at our usual places....Harkas, Geo Ma, Sifis etc.
Every taverna is very, very busy.
We are needing to book a table a several places to ensure getting in to eat at a time we want.

Changes from last year ?
Very little, in truth.
New Tarmac roads in part of the village and a few small building changes.

But the biggest change for us that our favourite place to eat, Sirocco, has now changed hands once again and not now on our eating out rota.

I will update further on our return home next weekend.

Plakias / Early September date
« on: September 12, 2015, 11:09:50 AM »
Back in Plakias again for our annual fix.
Weather hot.
Very hot
34 deg and sea temp at 27 deg
Mythos at 2 deg.
The town is very busy and most Tavernas doing very well
We have eaten at Sirocco, Gio Mar, Harakas and Lysseus and tonight we go to see  Siffi.
Best so far ?
Maybe (just) Lysseus but all top class.

Prices this year ?
We feel that on average we are paying slightly more for our evenings out.
Maybe 10 pc or there abouts ?
But still excellent value for money

As for the Greek crisis;
What crisis ?

Off to the beach now.
Not "far end" but up by the beach bar.


Plakias / Easyjet 2015
« on: December 06, 2014, 01:44:56 PM »
Flights from September 2015 now available to book thru

Too late for us, we have already booked for next September with Ryanair.

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