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PlakChat / It's all Greek to me !
« on: May 02, 2003, 04:58:05 PM »
  Hi Everyone.

Can anyone give us some tips on simple Greek phrases. You Know the usual, Please,Thank you, numbers one to ten and How Much?!!!
Only ever been to Spain and America and we have managed to learn enough Spanish to get along and would like to learn the same amount of Greek.
Would much appreciate a quick lesson on the Greek language.
pronunciations would be grately appreciated as the phrase book we have borrowed is no use at all!!!!!!
Thanks for any help.

Alison, Paul and Little Luke.xx

Plakias / 1st visit
« on: February 05, 2003, 06:13:09 PM »
 Hi. WE have booked our 1st holiday to Plakias. We will be travelling very early in May with our little boy who will be two years old. Please can anyone let us know what the weather will be like. We would also like to know if Plakias is child friendly and where the best places are to eat with a small child...
Has anyone visited Plakias this early in May and if so is everywhere open as we are aware we are probably travelling out of season...
As we are staying in self catering apartments (Nikos Studios), we have no pool. Will we be welcome at other hotel pools or will we be restricted to beach bathing only?
I realise there are many questions to answer but we are new to the Plakias experience and want to know everything.
Thanks. Alison,Paul and Luke.

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