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PlakChat / Deserter
« on: July 16, 2010, 08:12:20 PM »
We stayed in Plakias for four years and very happy visits they were before heading along the South Coast to Ag Galinia! The development in front of the villa we rented in Lefkogia prompted us to look elsewhere and this year we had two weeks in Ag Galini, a few days at Ligres Taverna chilling while the sea boiled and made swimming impossible and finished with four fabulous days in a graet hotel in Georgopoulis (first time for us in 10 years of Crete). And yes we are still in the withdrawal phase of our Cretan holiday after three weeks of dismal Scottish summer gales.
That is irrelevant to this topic.
I scan the Plakias Forum occasionally and I just wanted to comment that the forum is populated by genuine lovers of Plakias and always gives helpful information amongst the Plakchat to others seeking information about Plakias!
I also browse the Interkriti site and have now given up on it in abject disgust. That site is populated by what seems in the main to be mindless individuals hell bent on rubbishing any serious question posed and folk who frankly are the epitome of ignorant forum conduct. They diminish the efforts of serious contributors to the Crete cause and when tourism, property prices etc are in need of TLC, no potential tourist or wannabe resient is going to be swayed by the tripe spat out on that site.
So, long may the Plakias forum be a beacon of help light humour and friendship to its members and guests.
Doggie aka Doug Adam

Where to go / Where is this?
« on: February 10, 2010, 02:09:33 PM »
The year before last, we stopped at a Taverna on one of our travels off the beaten track. Haven't a clue where we were maybe North coast but there was some sort of stone altar at  the entrance (see the pics if I can upload them) and the sea was incredibly clear and like silk on the skin! Local Cretan families arrived by boat for Sunday lunch and a swim while we were there and it was very much a taverna for Cretans to frequent.

We tried to find it again last year and failed. So I'll be grateful if anyone who recognises the taverna can give us a location to follow up next visit in June! After all the snow and freezing temperatures, that can't come soon enough!


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