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Title: Airport Taxi Transfer
Post by: Uwe on April 11, 2003, 11:00:20 AM
We will visit Plakias again in May and have to organize the transfer from Iraklion-airport by ourselves. Does anyone know a serious taxi-service in Plakias, which we can contact (mail-address or phone-number)?
Any experiences with prices?
Uwe (from Germany)
Title: Airport Taxi Transfer
Post by: shinaria on April 11, 2003, 11:50:01 AM
The price for the one-way transfer from Kazantzakis airport to Plakias used to be about 100-120 DM in in the 90ies. I recently heard about   a price of about 190 Euros  for two-way transport via taxi [Jahn Reisen] We decided to hire a car for a week which will wait for us at the airport. So we can drive ourselves. As we were able to split the times we use the car, we will hold it for three days at the beginning of our time in Plakias and again for four days near our departure. So we can drive back to irakleion the day we fly home. If we hadn´t the pleasure to cruise with two little children we would surely go by bus cause it´s so cheap and really more authentic than this horrible non-stop taxi races!!!

Have a good time
und schöne Grüße aus Aachen

shinaria [David, Allan Joshua, Elke + Alfred]
Title: Airport Taxi Transfer
Post by: compage on April 11, 2003, 12:31:41 PM
The taxis are truly awful.  We have been to Plakias quite a few times, always arriving at Heraklion airport.  We only used a taxi once, to get to the airport from Plakias, and I never want to do that again.  They drive far too fast and very often on the wrong side of the road.

The buses are much safer and much cheaper but very slow and you are likely to have to change in Rethymno.  Not much fun with your luggage.

The best way is to hire a car, either for the whole holiday or just 3 days either end.
If you want to do that, you could contact Adonis at Anso Travel ( in Plakias at  () who will arrange whatever you want.

If you must have a taxi, Adonis could also arrange it or you could just pick one up at the airport.

Enjoy your holiday!
Title: Airport Taxi Transfer
Post by: Allan Barham on April 11, 2003, 01:25:15 PM
Taxi transfers last year were about 60Euro each way.  Book through Anso Travel or MotoPlakias at who will email you a booking form.  Anso (and presumably MotoPlakias) will also offer car hire for three days at start and end of your holiday to transport yourselves - and it doesn't cost a lot more though you have to be brave enough to drive on the same roads as the Cretans!

Taxi drivers in general do tend to drive fast (with a mobile phone in one hand and a cigarette in the other). They consider a double white line as a sign to begin overtaking though they are good natured and in my experience will slow down if you ask them to do so!

Have fun,

Title: Airport Taxi Transfer
Post by: xamax on April 11, 2003, 07:37:50 PM
Hello, last year I have taken the taxi from Iraklion airport to Plakias and from Plakias to Iraklion airport and the price was almost the same, about 70 euro.
For the taxi you can ask at Lyvicon Hotel, near the bus stop. They are very gentle people and they know all the taxi drivers of Plakias.
Enjoy Plakias and Crete,
Title: Airport Taxi Transfer
Post by: ShirT on April 12, 2003, 07:24:07 PM
There is a list of taxi prices in the baggage claim area and in the airport itself so you can find out the fare before you get in the taxi. Three years ago, we just walked out to the taxi rank and took the first one, which happened to be a brand new Merc. The other drivers had fun shouting "Bon voyage" and "Have a nice drive"  to our man when they realised where we wanted to go. In the end, he really enjoyed the drive as he hadn't been south for ages and had forgotten how beautiful it is. The return trip was arranged through the owner of our studios who got her cousin to take us. After that we decided we would prefer to have our own car and have always had a car waiting from ( who will turn up at the airport at 3a.m to meet you. As we always stay a bit out of the centre, the car  has been really useful and you can also explore a bit if you want. Cretan taxi drivers drive the same as any other ones and I've never been bothered by the overtaking on double white lines as on our first visit in 1992 (to Matala), the driver explained that other drivers expect it and will get out of the way. It's certainly less scary than being in a taxi going at 50 mph on a single track lane in North Devon, but that's another message board!
Title: Airport Taxi Transfer
Post by: ShirT on April 12, 2003, 07:27:16 PM
Oops.  Wrong email in my previous post. It should be
D'oh!  They are very helpful BTW.
Title: Airport Taxi Transfer
Post by: RobM. on June 29, 2003, 01:57:03 PM
Go by bus!  Iraklion ->Rethymnon €5.90,   Rethymnon - Plakias about €2 (June 2003).

Rethymnon bus station is quite small - you can't miss your bus because all departures are announced in 3 languages.