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Title: Gravel tracks
Post by: wakefossil on September 28, 2004, 07:29:59 PM
I usually rent an Enduro bike when in Plakias and am always trying to find some routes to ride. So if anyone can point me to some nice gravel/dirt tracks in the Plakias area, that would be really appreciated.
I have found some in the past years which I'm willing to share:
1) A nice one is from the Preveli monastery to Drimiskos. But as we visited some friends there, we took the same track back and I'm not sure if this could be turned into a round-trip somehow. Maybe I'll try it again next year and try to go via Kerames (although the way from the Palm beach back to the monastery might be hampered by slow traffic returning from the beach).
2) A very nice one is from the Kotsifou gorge via Kali Sikia (the gravel starts after Kali Sikia): left into the mountains. Gravel continues until Alones. Very nice! One section looks like a mountain pass where the indian ambush usually happens... I hope this road didn't get tarmac'ed since my last visit. I would definitely miss it. I'm not sure how to continue past Alones. I'll try this one as well and post an update next June if there's any interest.
3) Very short and only partially gravel, but nice nonetheless: from Plakias (the road that starts behind Ostraco) past the Panorama apartments to Sellia. Someone mentioned earlier that it's not recommendable with a moped, which I subscribe to, but if you ride something more legit, it's real fun.
But don't forget to bring your own helmet.  The helmets that you get at the local bike rentals (at least at the reasonably-priced ones) are mostly unusable.

Can't wait to get some gravel under my wheels...  

Title: Gravel tracks
Post by: compage on September 28, 2004, 08:33:20 PM
Hi wakefossil,

I'm sorry to have to tell you but at least two of the routes you mention have already been upgraded to tarmac.  The road through Kali Sykia to Alones and the short route from Plakias to Selia.  The latter was in process of being black-topped when we were there in September 2003.  The former was already tarmac in 2003.  Mind you, I think there are two possible routes between Kali Sykia and Alones.  This year we took a wrong turn on the way back from the north coast to Plakias and ended up on the wrong side of the valley heading for Kali Sykia.  That road was certainly rough!

However, there are still many unsurfaced roads in the area (and everywhere else for that matter).  Just turn off the tarmac and kick up some dust!

You know the road to Prevelli and the turn by the venetian bridge.  Well, if you avoid the right turn after the bridge that leads to Palm beach you'll be on gravel immediately.  I think you can go more or less due east from there and get right through to Agia Gallini although whether it is all dirt roads I can't say.  It certainly was a few years ago.
Title: Gravel tracks
Post by: martyn on September 29, 2004, 05:25:20 AM
We can confirm that the stretch between Prevelli and Agia Gallini is still 95% untarmaced. Very challenging area for mountain bikes I should imagine, with some pretty steep inclines and declines lol.  This stretch of the coast has some very pretty isolated beaches which in most cases necessitate a climb to get down to them. Ideal for getting the togs off and for snorkelling. Make sure you take food and water as there are hardly any shops or tavernas. For isolation lovers Agia Gallini isn't worth the trouble....too many bloody tourists.

Martyn & Svetlana
Title: Gravel tracks
Post by: george g... on September 29, 2004, 01:34:34 PM
Hi Wakefossil
Get hold of the 'Road' Edition maps, they are pretty well up to date, I used them this year to find the type of road you are looking for so I could get my jeep dirty.
I also confirm what Martyn said, lots of white roads down there and yes, Gallini is only worth stopping for some refreshment, you'll need it after that road. Great fun!
george g...
Title: Gravel tracks
Post by: wakefossil on September 29, 2004, 06:15:50 PM
Hi John, Martyn and George,

thanks a lot for the info.
I'll try to get my hands on an accurate road map and will definitely give the Ag.Galini route a try.
About just turning off the tarmac and kicking up some dust: If it only were that easy... I tried that many times, found some nice unsurfaced roads sometimes, but many dead ends as well.
I'll post a road review when I get back in June (planning ahead a bit...    )