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Title: Hospital?
Post by: Richard on August 13, 2020, 11:07:33 PM
Heard a rumour that a hospital is to be built somewhere near the entrance to the village, and that the road - presumably from Koxare - is already being 'upgraded'. Any news, anyone?
Title: Re: Hospital?
Post by: Frank And Julie on August 14, 2020, 01:43:41 PM

There is a new medical centre on the right going out of Plakias before Trepolidakis (spelt wrong) Super Market / DIY store that the local doctor is now working from so I guess you mean this, Hospital it is not but handy all the same as the nearest medical centre in in Spilli .

As regards to the road this has been planned for a while now, to widen the narrow part just before Koxare as two lorries struggle to pass each other without almost coming to a complete stop, its all part of the road from Spilli to Rethymno being upgraded into a branch of the National road hence all the other road work between the turn off to Plakias and Rethymno.

While on roads the coastal lower road from Souda to Rodakino has almost been completed making it now a very easy and picturesque route, good place to go to shelter from a strong Plakias north wind which is normal this time of year. 

Title: Re: Hospital?
Post by: Richard on August 17, 2020, 09:29:09 PM
Thanks for the update! This is exactly what I was hoping for, useful but not an obvious sign of plans for significant expansion. The chap I was talking to made it sound a bit grander, but perhaps because he has an interest in selling me somewhere to live. The road extension beyond Souda sounds great, usually go to Souda when it's windy, but I fear that once Plakias isn't 'the end of the road'...

Having a look at places to consider buying in a couple of weeks, can't wait... Retired early this year and want to make the most of it, spend a few months a year in Plakias and 'disappear', both here and there!
Title: Re: Hospital?
Post by: jerichrome on August 26, 2020, 10:28:11 AM
Last week they made an asphalt road from Preveli to the venitian bridge. No more gravel road.
Means that there is one less authentic road. last 2 years there was more and more traffic on the road.
Title: Re: Hospital?
Post by: Richard on August 29, 2020, 08:49:07 AM
I've noticed that the road extension beyond Souda is tarmac as well, looks very like it from Plakias at least. Haven't been yet. I'd assumed it would mean extended access along the coast, not a hard surface on the existing road. I walk everywhere, so I don't care if it's gravel or not, in that sense, but I'm wary of the effects of through-traffic.

I find the new Shopping 'Center' unlovely. I suppose it's for the new hotel. Hope it doesn't put the smaller ones out of business, as out of town developments in the UK have done in many cases.