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Title: Olympic and Kostas Chrysoulla 2020
Post by: JBMouse on September 24, 2019, 01:29:47 PM
I have been looking to holiday again in Plakias, and, as usual, went straight to the Olympic site, but no sign of KC for any date in 2020. Telephoned Olympic, and they don't have it listed for 2020, the advisor thought it might appear in a couple of weeks, but as the Olympic site only gives 3 properties, it would appear this is the final run down of Olympic going to Plakias.
Sad, but as we already go independently to other Greek destinations, we will have to add Plakias to the Easyjet independent list!
If anyone has any other info, would be appreciated.
Title: Re: Olympic and Kostas Chrysoulla 2020
Post by: TonyH on September 24, 2019, 03:27:21 PM
We are in Plakias at the moment, the word is, that KC are going AI to attract other nationalities? Olympic are now using the Apollo apartments, nex door to KC.  It seems that Olympic are winding down in Plakias?  This would be a great shame.  Since they stopped offering transfers, we have gone the independent route, so easy and not much more than a package from Olympic.
Title: Re: Olympic and Kostas Chrysoulla 2020
Post by: JBMouse on September 24, 2019, 04:03:14 PM
AI in Greece, no way for us, unless you have children, when the AI plan does work.
Olympic prices for the Apollo are very high, so we shall scout out some nice self catering in Plakias when we are there. We like the look of Manolis, not far to walk to all the tavernas, access to bread for breakfast at the supermarket next to The Livicon, not too far for the wife to get it in the morning! They have a pool and everything else we need, has anyone used Manolis recently?
Would love to stay at On The Rocks, superb views over Skinos beach, so  many to choose, the world is your lobster, my son!
Just have to wait for the next release of easyjet for the September/October flights.
We got a good deal from easyjet last Thursday for flights to Kalamata next June.
Title: Re: Olympic and Kostas Chrysoulla 2020
Post by: TonyH on September 25, 2019, 11:19:02 AM
Couldn't agree more AI not good. I have to say that info I got was passed down from a few so could have got distorted, as things do. Yes, there are plenty of apartments available that look ok, we have looked at a few for future reference.  Hope you get sorted.
Title: Re: Olympic and Kostas Chrysoulla 2020
Post by: Arnaki on September 25, 2019, 12:41:48 PM
I think KC has offered a half board basis as an option for a while, using Gorgona for the evening meal. Olympic hasn't offered this.  I think this is more likely than AI.

I went to Plakias independently this year, and we stayed at Manolis. I can recommend them. There are two blocks, the newer one has a lift and offers deluxe rooms. We were in a studio in the older block which appears to have been refurbished recently. Lovely clean rooms, mosquito screen on the balcony and bathroom window, basic but adequate self-catering (we don't cook when there is such a range of tavernas to choose from), small shower-room but a decent sized shower cubicle (with doors). Our balcony was sheltered from the wind, which was a great relief!
Title: Re: Olympic and Kostas Chrysoulla 2020
Post by: Mike G on September 25, 2019, 02:08:05 PM
The accommodation I often stay at on Kos hasn't yet appeared online (but it is in their brochure) and Olympic has told me they are finalising the contracts and it will appear online shortly. This must apply to other places as well.

I fear that what other contributors think about Olympic winding down in Plakias may be true. They shot themselves in the foot when they stopped offering transfers. That's what the "package" in package holiday means. An Olympic taxi at over £140 each way reminds me of John McEnroe circa 1980 ("you cannot be serious!!").

My experience of Olympic is that when the new season holidays first appear online they are at inflated prices. Once they have sold a few (and banked a decent profit margin) they reduce the prices to something more sensible.
Title: Re: Olympic and Kostas Chrysoulla 2020
Post by: conway s on September 27, 2019, 11:39:56 AM
I can understand hotels getting fed up with Olympic they are a bit shoddy the way they treat there customers. We due to arrive 4/10/19 staying at Dora studios I was made to cancel due to the Thomas cook fiasco. I went online 2 days later my holiday up on Olympic website on sale for 5 times the price I was paying. Granted it was flying 2 days earlier. I wasn't offered the option to fly 2 days earlier. There is supply and demand and there is profiteering.
I also have asked Olympic about next years accommodations on offer but as yet no reply. Looks like traveling privately.
We must all hope that another company steps in to do package holidays to Plakias. We been going to Plakias for the last 27 years and this is the first time we have missed out GUTTED.