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Title: Reps
Post by: ostraco on November 02, 2002, 11:55:53 PM
I guess I've been spoilt.
I remember Reps like Kelly and Jacinta. They knew the resort, the area, and how to look after their customers.
I can't say I was impressed this year. I saw more of the Olympic rep while she was drunk in the bar (where she rarely bought a drink!) I hear the First Choice rep wasn't much better. Difficult to judge really, as she was also drunk every time I saw her.
Am I just getting old?
Title: Reps
Post by: John R on November 04, 2002, 08:55:09 AM
The First Choice rep left half way through our holiday during the 1st two weeks of October and was replaced by an exceptionally good "trouble shooter " class rep - Richard who was exceptional. He was totally tuned in to the type of place and the type of people for Plakias. He was not in trouble shooting mode but that was his calibre. His predecessor, we nicknamed her the Rotweiller, would have scared the wits out of Malia hard types - pinned me to the wall with a lecture on not attending the welcome meeting. I nearly felt guilty till I found out later nobody had attended - not surprised. Then messed up our rooms so that we (nearly) could not keep them for the day for our late flight home. Richard had to sort the mess.

I think reps are useful but they should know how to merge into the background unless needed or unless (as per Richard) welcomed into the social circle. Many folk at Plakias are old hands. We hare newcomers having ony been 5 times !!. We don't need the reps to explain where the beach is.

John R
Title: Reps
Post by: ostraco on November 04, 2002, 03:08:37 PM
I couldn't agree more John. Let's hope First Choice have learned their lesson for next year! I did meet the Rotweiller a few times - and once, she was sober.

The Olympic rep was no better - several times she joined us, uninvited, while we were out in the evenings. Neither I, or any of the bar staff I talked too EVER saw her pay for a drink! (and she got through loads!). To be fair to Olympic, who have always been good in the past, I have decided to write to their Customer Services Department with my opinions.

I don't go to Welcome meetings any more: like you, I know where the beach is - and I also know that if I want to do an excursion, I can usually get a better price - or more convenient days/times by looking around at the other options offered in town. Must admit though, I haven't been ticked of for it yet! We know they are not well paid, and supplement their income with commission on excursions, car hire etc.: if they are good, for the sake of a few Euros, I use these services - but I didn't this year.
Title: Reps
Post by: anna on November 22, 2002, 04:19:21 PM
I was quite entertained to hear from John that the First Choice Rep left. I do hope it wasn't due to the fact that I made complaint about her to the company. Unfortunately they weren't particularly helpful.
We didn't exactly hit it off from the start- when we asked to be moved we received no help whatsoever- she told us to make the best of it. Both of us are hard-up masters students and we didn't want to have to 'make the most' of the money that we had spent. We were quite annoyed with our allocation at first, especially since were were put in a double bed together (we aren't a couple!), and so many other  couples in the resort wanted one but had been given singles. It seemed a little ill-considered.
She did however bend over backwards to help an older couple who had a similar problem. We felt she was thoroughly unprofessional in the remarks that she made  to us and obviously thought that we would accept a lower standard of service because we were a little younger than most people.
I only encountered the olympic rep once. This was when I bumped into her in the bathroom at Ostraco on my last night there. She was rather drunk and asked me for assistance to help her clean herself up as she had been sick. I ran away quite quickly!
First choice has said they will put my remarks on file, but I don't think it got me anywhere, it was really good to get it off my chest though!
Title: Reps
Post by: Barny on November 22, 2002, 09:11:04 PM
I think after all these years we dont need "reps" do we people ?

Did Jacinta marry Manoliss the train driver in the end?
Title: Reps
Post by: ostraco on December 10, 2002, 06:54:11 PM
How's this for a two in one answer Barny:

Right - we don't need reps - especially those like we had to suffer this year.

Yes, Jacinta married Manolis in September 2000 (and it was a real hum dinger of a wedding!). They are living happily in Rethymno - and Jacinta is thinking of returning to part time work next season - after the birth of their first son earlier this year.
Title: Reps
Post by: ostraco on July 07, 2003, 08:54:37 PM
Well good news on the Rep front. Olympic are blessed with the services of Ana this year. Despite it being her first year as a rep, she was a credit to herself and the company - and we observed one set of her guests who really put her through her paces - drunk and sober (the guests, not Ana!)
Title: Reps
Post by: Greecemad on July 07, 2003, 09:40:49 PM
I don't use Reps these days as I always book flight only. If you know a place I don't see what use they are anyway.
One of the reps I remember was Peter who was a SunMed rep in 1990. Is he still around in Plakias as I have seen him in later years, firstly running 'The English Breakfast Bar' and later working in one of the travel agencies.
Title: Reps
Post by: ostraco on July 07, 2003, 10:25:25 PM
We've discovered that especially early or late in the season, it is actually cheaper to use a package rather than go under our own steam - except perhaps if you are happy to gamble on getting a cheap flight late.
Yes, I remember Peter from SunMed days. Until last year he was running the English Supermarket, but I believe he has now returned to the UK.
Title: Reps
Post by: John R on July 07, 2003, 10:57:44 PM
We go late in season and for early October 2004 (28 September actually) we have already booked flights from Glasgow. We always hire a car so the transfer problem to/from airport are solved and included for us in that cost. I don't think our costs are going to exceed those of First Choice - if indeed Plakias  re-appears in their later brochures as you suggest - and they are certainly comparable with Olympic prices in their 2004 brochure. We will also have a good choice of accommodation which we shall book while there this October (2003). We feel spoilt for choice of accommodation and cannot make our minds up where to go. We know exactly what is available - just too much choice. I wish now we had made the same arrangements for this October 2003 holiday at Plakias.

We normally fly from Newcastle (night flight) but next year we have chosen Glasgow as it is an early morning flight and we can have an inexpensive hotel room the night before which includes the cost of parking the car there for 15 days and is cheaper than parking on airport car parks.

These economics for independent travel may not apply to the same extent for those who use Southern UK airports ?

John R
Title: Reps
Post by: ostraco on July 07, 2003, 11:57:47 PM
That's probably the case John.

We went with Olympic in May.  I paid about 240 for a single room for 2 weeks. Flight only at that time was about 200 - so clearly we saved, as we had no more costs for room and transfer. (I can't remember exact prices, as I didn't do the bookings)

Different in September though - 400+ for the same arrangements - so MAYBE we could make savings?  Either way, it wouldn't be a lot, taking transfer and travel costs into account.
Title: Reps
Post by: Karen T on July 08, 2003, 10:44:31 AM
Going back to the subject of reps - you're right, I don't think we need reps really at all especially when we all know the place so well.  Talking of individual reps, I know Peter too - he was probably the best rep I ever have come across (I never knew Jeannie when she was repping although I've got to lknow her since, but I'm sure she was great too).  Peter loved Plakias and he really knew his stuff.  I always respected him for the fact that he was the only rep who tried to entertain you on the transfers to and from the airport regaling you with wartime tales and ancient myths.  It was he who inspired me to read the books "The Cretan Runner" by George Psychoundakis and "Ill Met by Moonlight" by W. Stanley Moss - both available in the supermarkets in Plakias - and I'll never forget the trip back from the Samaria Gorge on a particularly hot and drowsy afternoon when, on coming through Frangokastello, he told of the ghostly soldiers said to still be heard on a particular night in May.  I've never been back to Frangokastello since without getting that eerie and dreamlike feeling reminiscent of that particular afternoon.

Peter has indeed returned to the UK now with his wife and kids.  I believe he is living somewhere in Scotland.