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Title: To rent or not to rent.....
Post by: Shinyhappi on May 17, 2003, 01:00:13 PM
Me and my friend are coming to Plakias for the first time (and Greece for the first time!) on May 27th.  We're both 23 and want to hire a rental car for our week there.  We are flying into Heraklion but staying in Plakias, so we wondered whether it would be better to rent one in Plakias itself.
We also want to know if anyone knows if it would be cheaper to get a car once we arrive or whether it would be better and less hassle to arrange one beforehand?
Any opinions/advice/past experiences would be great!
Title: To rent or not to rent.....
Post by: John R on May 17, 2003, 07:45:58 PM
We always rent from Ansos in Plakias (look up their website etc for more info - I'm on holiday and don't have all details) Far less hassle than renting in advance via a national UK based company. They will meet you off the plane at Heraklion and return you there in your hire car if you do not have transfers already arranged. They provide a first class service. Look them up and then email or ring them. We have used them without problem for the last 5 years or so.

John R
Title: To rent or not to rent.....
Post by: Allan Barham on May 19, 2003, 09:10:49 AM
Anso travel services - email or try Motoplakias - email

Both will supply cars at the airport and both are local Plakias companies.


Title: To rent or not to rent.....
Post by: Karen T on May 24, 2003, 12:41:13 PM
We're renting a car for the whole of our 2 weeks from Moto Plakias - the car is a Hyundai Accent which is probably the middle range although the Punto's aren't that much cheaper if you only want a small car. I't costing us 700 Euros for the 2 weeks including full insurance, taxes and unlimited miles and 2 transfers (from Iraklion to Plakias to Iraklion).

We've always rented from Moto Plakias and found them to be very reliable.  Their representative waits for you at the airport and will have their yellow "Finikas Travel" board so you can recognise them.  The phone number, address and e-mail address is:

24 hour
365 Days
a Year
PLAKIAS 74060 - RETHIMNO - CRETE - GREECE - Tel : 0030 - 2832 - 031785 / 031908 Fax: 031632


I'd recommend that if you phone them you also e-mail as it avoids any confusion if you have characters such as the underscore _ in your address as it might not easily be understood (as in our case).  They will then send you their booking form by return e-mail when they confirm your booking.

Title: To rent or not to rent.....
Post by: simon on May 29, 2003, 07:18:31 PM

I know this is too late for you Stella but maybe it helps others.

The other option is to book a car over the internet using one of the companys which find the cheapest offers around from the major car hire companys. I took my family to Plakias in May and we got a group D car (Peugeot 307, Opel Astra) for 400 Euros for 2 weeks everything included through Sixt. You can pick up and drop back at the airport so no transfer hassles. We used (  but it is always best to compare proces and shop around.  They provided a very good service but as ususal with Car Hire Companys be very careful to check every detail of the booking. I have to hire cars quite frequently and I have lost count of the number of times I have been asked to pay extra for something that has been pre-paid, the most common being child seats.

Of course it is always good to support the local businesses and it may be possible to get a better deal after you arrive. Pay your money and take your choice !        

Good luck and hope you are having a great holiday.