How to get a place added to the Plakias Map
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The Plakias map can be found

Basically all we need is the name and type of the place plus its co-ordinates.

The best way to get the co-ordinates is by using Google Earth (available by clicking here)

If you don't have Google Earth you could use Google Maps, zoom in, take a screenshot (PrtScrn key).
Then open MS Paint (Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Paint), Go to Edit -> Paste, then draw a cross or circle to highlight the place. Save the file and e-mail to me.

In this example I am adding the lovely fountain:

In Google Earth zoom in and hover the mouse pointer over the location. The co-ordinates are shown bottom left:

IPB Image

Now you could e-mail them to me to be added.

However to save they typing you could save it as a placemark file and e-mail that instead.

How to save one or more Placemarks in Google Earth:

Make a new folder. Right Click My Places -> Add -> Folder:

IPB Image

Give it a name and click OK.

Now add a placemark by clicking the pushpin icon:

IPB Image

Here you can give the place a name and also you can drag the pin into exactly the right place:

IPB Image

You could now add more if you wish.

Finally save your placemark file. Right click the folder you created and choose Save As..

IPB Image

Choose a location on your hard drive and give the file a name. You can then e-mail me the file.

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