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Here's an unusual request, and I hope that it won't be misconstrued...

I have just separated from my wife, after nearly twenty years, and can't face going back to Plakias on my own. We have visited every year, sometimes twice, since 2002, after my first holiday there in 1995.

I would very much like to visit in 2018, but don't wish to do so alone.

I like walking in the hills, along the coast, and nice meals in tavernas, more so than lying on the beach all day, although a couple of hours on the beach and some snorkelling is good fun. Particularly will miss Souda.

Would anyone care to join me and share a holiday in 2018? I don't mind sitting in a bar on my own with a book, but sitting in a taverna, for example, just wouldn't work for me. Tried it this Spring. I'd rather share a holiday with someone that loves Plakias than another soulless experience some other way.

I am in my early 50s and a confirmed Grecophile. I don't bite. I am just looking for company, nothing more. Please PM me if interested. I left my phone number and email address in a previous posting but was advised to remove it to avoid spamming.


Richard , I really do hope that you find someone with similar interests as you. Never forget, though,  that Plakias has wide arms and is there to support you and embrace you. Go and enjoy. X

I hope you find someone to go with. However, although we're all friendly here, this forum is public and I'd suggest you remove your email address and phone number from your post, to avoid getting spammed. You can ask people to respond by personal message, then you can give them your contact details direct.

Hope you get back to Plakias soon.

Thank you Arnaki, I hadn't thought about that, possibly a bit naive of me.



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