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Came back for the 4th time this year - still tee shirt weather - 4 or 5 people at the  far end , a dozen at Amoudaki - water still in the 20s so swimming a couple of times every day - everything very laid back - olives about to be picked - things could be worse.

Minus 2 this morning and scraping ice off car windscreen at heating on train....Monday morning joy to hear Plakias is still fab is a tonic on the day like this in Scotland!  Am very envious and just waiting on EasyJet opening up flights for September 2018.   Booked in with Kostas Chrysoula as usual and looking forward to that already !

Might have spoken too soon - webcam looking v overcast and lots of waves.....but still warmer than here !

Y - very wavy - but warm waves . Sometimes calm , sometimes wavy makes swims different. And a bit of wind means you can drip dry.

Hugo V:
Good to hear the weather is still fine.  Are any of the restaurants and/or bars open at this time of the year?
Enjoy your stay.


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