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Souda now not nudist?

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Colin & Sandra:
According to a post on Capt. Barefoots site ( Nudism is now prohibited on Souda Beach, it was OK in July.
Can anyone confirm? we're back in 10 days and wont be making the walk that way if so.

Back to nudist now, only from 15th August until 1st September no nudes

Colin & Sandra:
So he's happy enough to take your money when they can't fill all the beds, but in peak season you're not wanted, how two-faced is that?

We're coming over today and probably spend 75% of time at Souda....... can we get a confirmation that Souda is still nudist .... would be a shame

We've been coming to Plakias for a few years and have frequented Souda on many occasions
The 'bed man' is called Victor and we have got to know him quite well - he is a reasonable guy!
We were there at the end of June for two weeks and there were 'rumblings' from a number of people (mainly at weekends from Greek and Italians)
They had, apparently, had the local Police involved and we were being told that there may be a 'cover up'(!!) needed during August
I don't think Victor (or the guy who owns the beds) had any alternative
Could be wrong of course....

Back next year  - hopefully Souda will still be nudist. If not - it could be 'The Far End' and getting involved in a towel fight or two!!


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