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When I was in Plakias this year I noticed a number of snorkelers using a new type of mask.  It covered the face in full and had a little breathing pipe protruding from the top.  Does anyone know anything about them?  Are they better than the usual goggles/snorkel combination?


Yep, they are all over Amazon/eBay. Have read mixed reviews but semi-tempted so I could attach an action cam. Here is an example...

Friends of ours were using them here last month & said they were much better than the normal combo.
They got theirs on Amazon.

Yes, I own one and can confirm that this is absolutely fatastic. You have a much broader view, can breathe trough nose and mouth and you can even talk under water.
And even if you decide to dive a little bit deeper no water will flow inside the mask.

Thanks for all this.  As it happens, when in Plakias I discovered that my goggles were leaking through one lens as the mounting was chipped so I had to ditch them.  Even though conventional snorkel tubes may have anti-flooding valves, it can still happen that if you are breathing in and a wave washes over you, you can breathe in a whole load of water and end up coughing and spluttering.  Do these new masks protect you from such an experience?  If so, and as I don't have a pair of goggles any more, I might be tempted to buy one of the new masks.  (Incidentally, the masks I saw being used in Plakias were like the ones shown on the website in shinaria's post.)



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