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Fight at the Sunbed corral

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Although we have been to Plakias many times, this is our first visit in September. We have noticed that at the far end of the beach (the nudist bit) the unsavioury practice of sunbed reserving has reared its ugly head. By 9.30 all the beds are either occupied or people have put towels on them. I am quite prepared to remove them,but my wife doesn't want the aggro. The guy taking the money doesn't care as long as he gets his 5 euros. Does anybody have any ideas how to nip this behaviour in the bud?

Get there before they do!!

conway s:
 Seen it many times when at the far end of the beach. I think you have the only solution to the problem, take there towels off if no-one around. I am sure they leave them overnight. How inconsiderate of them.

I am on holiday. Don' t want to get up at 6 just to get a sunbed.Luckily other beaches are available

Such a contrast from when I was there in August. I would get to the far end around ten thirty / eleven with loads of sunbeds available and most of the day too. You just need a windy day to blow their towels away, if you know what I mean?



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