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Throubis (opposite Cozy Cafe)

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We ate at Throubis last night and I can recommend it. We had a tomato & cucumber salad and the ingredients were really tasty. I had octopus with pasta, which was really succulent. Mr Arnaki had pastitsio which he also rated highly. With half a kilo of red wine it came to €24. We had a free carafe of raki and a small dessert on the house. The service was extremely friendly and efficient. Whilst we were there a party of 14 turned up, were accommodated without fuss and the service to all customers continued without problem. Throubis has been quite busy so may not need my recommendation, but I wouldn't want you to miss out.

Thanks for the recommendation, we will pay a visit in September.

The taverna is actually called Θρούμπι - pronounced Throumbi - and by all accounts is very good.  I shall be visiting it during my stay in Πλακιάς, and will add a short review on it to my list of restaurants when I get back.

Thanks for recommending.  I will be visiting Plakias in September and would like to visit.  Please could you be more specific about location as I am unfamiliar with the Cozy Café.  BTY I am staying at Kosta Chrysoula, where is it in relation to there.

You can access Kosta Chrysoula either through a little passageway or via the road beside the supermarket. So as you go up the road by the supermarket, Throubis is on the left hand side about half way between the sea front and the lane to the back entrance of Kosta Chrysoula. I don't know if you've been to Plakias before so not sure what landmarks to give you. Just down the road from Minoiko. Cozy Backyard (sorry got the name wrong) is a newish bar next to Ksezoni. In short, it is a very short stroll from Kosta Chrysoula.


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