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Susan K:
I have been reading in the press about the delays at European airports as a result of extra checks at passport control. Has anyone experienced any delays upon arrival/departure?


Are you solely concerned with Chania or Heraklion?
We will be going to Heraklion in October, as we always do, and I am hoping that as it is a relatively quiet time of year, there will be little delay. I suspect the press is looking at mass tourism destinations, at peak season, with many flights from the UK and outside Schengen areas, where there will inevitably be delays due to the greater number of tourists. The smaller, quieter airports shouldn't be too bad.
We landed in Mytiline (Lesvos) in June this year, and did notice that the passport check was properly thorough, you had to hand the passport to the border guard, and details were entered/checked on their computer, something that has rarely happened in the recent past, so there was a small delay, but as Mytiline gets so few UK flights ( 2 a week this year!!) I don't thing it will ever be a problem there, nor at Kalamata airport, where we also go each year, and is smaller still than Mytiline.
Leaving Greece posed no extra problems, just waved through!
Heraklion can be a nightmare at busy times, so lets hope any extra security won't make it worse, never had the pleasure of flying in to Chania, but views expressed here on the forum suggest it is a nicer experience than Heraklion.
P.S. only 10 weeks to go to Plakias!!!!!

From the little I have read in the news it appears mostly to be affecting Spain, France, and Holland. Who have all introduced the new regulations earlier than required, (should start in October).

Susan K:
I am flying in to Heraklion, but my friend is flying in to Chania on the same day. I don't mind the extra checks, but as we are travelling independently, we would like to know if we need to allow extra time.

I don't think you will have any extra delay or additional security checks from uk airports, the additional checks and delays, if any in Greece, will be on arrival and departure at a Schengen airport. If passengers need to be at a uk airport before the 2 hours they should be notified by the airline. What these extra checks from the eu mean to the API information which we have to supply to airlines prior to a flight is any body's guess, as the API is supposed to enable the security services to thoroughly check all passengers before they fly.


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