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Hi, any recommendations  for tavernas in Selia, we are hoping to visit there soon, thanks in advance!

Try Elia's..... slightly more sophisticated than the usual, but well worth it. And the views from a window seat are incredible. One of my favourites in the area.

Frank And Julie:

To my knowledge there are 5 tavernaís in Selia, so I guess it depends on what you want.

As MickyDripping said Elia`s run by Nickos  is good, quite upmarket, but good food although I thought a little expensive, you then have Menastri which has the same views as Elia`s and is run by Yogos and Annie a brother and sister, they serve modern Greek food with a twist.

On the way out of Selia towards Rodakino you have another Taverna owned by Nicos I canít remember the taverners name but it has large glass windows and is on the right just as you get to the end of Selia, Nicos has been a chief in and around Plakias for the last 25 years and his menu is a bit less adventurous and more traditional and his prices reflect this.

Then again I canít remember the name but there is a taverna on the lower road as if you were going to the cheese factory again this is very traditional and mainly barbequed traditional meats and dishes, I have only been once but it was OK.

Then there is the one in the centre opposite Elia`s, I have been a few times good basic food with prices to match.

So Take you pick and bon-appetite

Hi, we ended up  at one called Pamosrati and it was OK,  thanks  for the information.


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