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Hello to you all and have a good Easter, I don't know if the following link will interest anybody but it does give a lot of info. It covers all of Europe and allows you to zoom in on areas of interest, selecting temperature, wind, rain etc. In real time.

This is the link.  www.ventusky.com

Hope you all have good holidays in Plakias this year and continue to do so and may see some of you in September.

Susan K:
That's a brilliant site  :)

Thank you, the only thing that appears to be missing is being able to select sea temperature. Perhaps someone else can find it.

There is a similar website/app called windytv that has sea temperature.

Thanks, I had a look and it took a bit of digging to find the sea temp but I got there. Interesting to see that the sea is approximately twice the temp around Crete as it is for Enland at present.
I found that the graphics look more detailed with ventusky but that could just be my tablet.


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