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Colin & Sandra:
Has anyone else looked at Olympics web page since Christmas? The majority of holidays to Plakias and some other resorts (I haven't looked at everything obviously) are showing as Transfers not included. If you start the booking process it gives you the option to tag on taxi transfers toward the end along with your luggage extras.
The current cost now works out about 300 pound more for our next summer holiday than we booked it at.

There are going to be some out of work Coach drivers and very busy Taxi drivers by the looks of it. (I ought to get my gray Mercedes ordered today)

I was informed by the Olympic Rep (the lovely new Scottish gal) in October that there are no transfers included for 2017 IF its not on a scheduled flight (I think). (Charters like Jet2 Small Planet etc). I've been checking and rechecking/hoping -  but that red X is still there (transfer). Olympic are obviously trying to save some pennies but to my mind they are going to lose out on a lot of bookings if they don't get their finger out and reintroduce transfers for Plakias (and every other holiday destination too where the cost of a taxi is going to be expensive). It ain't a package holiday without transfers - might as well just book a cheap flight and digs with Travel Republic (ATOL?) and have greater choice of flight times and accommodation.
COME ON OLYMPIC - get it sorted - PLEASE!

I can't see ANY transfers actually anywhere! Are there any does someone know?

Not good, transfers were always part of it especially if you wanted to see all of Crete before getting to your resort. but I always use, this saves all the hassle, just walk out of the airport, into the taxi and you're soon there. OK it costs extra but well worth it in my opinion.


Colin & Sandra:
Should have added that we booked for June/July and also September 2017 last July, and our booking confirmations include transfers, so it should be interesting (right word?) what happens. I would have thought that they will have to honor bookings already made, there must be hundreds booked by now.


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