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Easyjet flights for the summer are released on 3rd November

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Tony and Sandra Smith:
waiting at midnight for the EasyJet flights for next summer to be released so that we can try to grab a bargain deal from Manchester to Heraklion.  Nothing as yet so I suppose I'll have to go to bed and try in the morning. Good hunting


Tony and Sandra Smith:
Got them now for the 29th June to 8th July. Plakias here we come!

ian s:
I suspected it was too early for dates I wanted but prompted me to search the Internet anyway.  Ended up with surprisingly good/cheap flights with Thomas Cook so don't rule them out!!  Way cheaper than previous years I've looked.

Plakias here we come again.

Hi, Is anyone prepared to say how cheap the flights with TC and EasyJet are for 2017.  Just wondering if it may be worth going independent instead of with Olympic.  I fly from Gatwick and have been unable to access any good deals.


ian s:
Hi basic price Glasgow to Heraklion 180 return for 26th September.  But I added on luggage, extra legroom seats and meals and worked out around 280.   
I thought that quite good.  Been going independent now for around 15 years now.  Allows you a wider choice of accommodation and often you can pick a particular room. Better than leaving it the hands of the tour operator.


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