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This topic get more interesting as the season unfolds.  We were in Plakias for the first week of the season and met Dominik the replacement for dear departed Les ,  we both said then that we did not expect him to last, nice lad but unsuited for here.
We came back on 28th June to find Dom still here, surprise surprise, but he told us that he was leaving he could not stand it??? so he put in for a transfer, OK, next thing Dave had arrived and Dom was showing him round, this was Monday this week.  Fast forward to Friday, we bumped into Dom with a new face, we were introduced to Tom, it turns out that Dave had done a runner, resigning from Olympic and leaving immediately.  So Tom is the latest in the hot seat.  Those of you coming next week, we go home on Tuesday 12th will have to look out and see who the rep will be.  It's just like a soap opera but less exciting???
Oh yes, the wind is very strong, but it's nice and hot been between 30 and 35 most days.


OK somebody - own up - who is frightening them off? let's check the calendar, who's out there now? One step forward the guilty party!

Dominick is a really nice chap. He told us that he found Plakias too quiet and felt lonely as the only Rep in the area and does not drive.
We took him out to dinner to a rural Taverna with fantastic food and regailed him with tales of Plakias and Crete in the Hippy days. So probably our fault.
Moving on to Kefalonia tomorrow. If he found Plakias quiet he may be in for a shock and Kefalonia has an extremely limited Bus service for getting about. Hopefully he will be in the more bucket and spade resorts of Lassi or Skala which are the busiest.
We really wish him the best, a lovely approachable and helpful Rep.

So on to Tom. Where was he before or is he new to Olympic?

Let's start a campaign to bring back Les....

Peter G:
Hi all, after many years of reading your enlightening info as a guest I've now joined up, whoopee-doo! Seriously though, if we find proof that some idiotic new manager displaced Les then we will be starting our own campaign. Ive been waiting for a reply from Les as once again we will be spending a few weeks in September at Kostas C. and have only just found out the bad news. Still looking forward as always to the "Plakias magic" BUT as somebody above aptly stated, if it aint broke dont fix it!


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