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Taverna's in Selia

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Can anyone recommend any nice tavernas in Selia ?

Thinking of having a meal up there one night when we go in July. (Presume they all do children's meals too?)

I ate at Elia's last week and the food was superb.....but don't go along expecting standard tavern fare. the menu is an adventure, but slightly unconventional. Also it has the best views in the area

Hi Pimo.
I have promoted Elias and Melissani in Selia before so will give a mention and photographs of the brand new (late 2015)
Taverna Merastri Selia.

Apologies Voloudakis , I have only just saw your pictures ! many thanks  (couldn't view them on my ipad!),

Must try and visit it this month.....wonder if it does kids meals !!!

We going today or tomorrow hopefully, will post our experience.


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